Holden says Jamie Pugh is 'fake'

Britain's Got Talent judge Amanda Holden has slammed one of the show favourites by claiming that he `faked' his emotions during the auditions.

Holden told the News of The World that she thought that pizza delivery driver Jamie Pugh had not been "genuine" during his performance of "Bring Him Home" from Les Miserables and said that she wished that she had not voted him through to the semi-finals.

She said: "He got on my t*ts.I didn't think he was genuine.

"I didn't believe his emotion and I hated his voice. He sounded like a car starting.

"We all said, 'Yes' to him on the day so I feel terrible for saying it, but my heart's not in that performance.

"He's just a very weak Paul Potts. I didn't like it."

Holden said that she was pleased that the panel had decided to vote Susan Boyle through to the live finals.

She said: "I keep thinking, 'Thank God we put her through!' We might not have.

"There were so many brilliant people who didn't make it."

However, she cautioned that Susan might crack under the pressure of having to live up to the hype surrounding her audition performance.

She added: "She could nail it or kill it on the night. She might not be as good as she was on that first night and people put that performance on a pedestal.

"I think it can go either way. We've built her up and the public could go, 'She's too big for her boots, she's too cocky.' She isn't. But we don't like too much success. It's a shame."

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