Emmerdale: Lucy Pargeter talks Dan and Cameron love triangle

She’s about to walk down the aisle with Dan Spencer, but Emmerdale’s Chas Dingle can’t quite shake off her murky past – at last not if Carl King has anything to do with it.

The businessman is hell-bent on blackmailing Chas for every penny of the money she conned him out of after jilting him at the altar a few years ago, and he has the perfect ammunition after finding out about Chas and Cameron’s secret affair.

“He’s found out about Cameron and Chas and he’s blackmailing her for the full £30,000 she took off him,” Lucy Pargeter, who plays Chas Dingle, told stv.tv.

“And I think there’s a bit of him wanting revenge on Chas because she’s with somebody and maybe he still wants to be with her still.”

News of the affair emerging would be disastrous for Chas considering she’s getting ready to marry Dan. Even worse is the fact that Debbie Dingle is currently in a relationship with Cameron.

“She doesn’t want to hurt Dan and more importantly she doesn’t want Debbie to find out about her and Cameron,” Lucy explained.

“They’ve managed to keep it secret for so long and until that baby is out safe – Debbie’s having a saviour child for Sarah – if it was to come out after then it’d be a bit easier, but she wants to keep it to herself and not hurt the family.

So why exactly is Chas with Dan, if it’s Cameron who really holds the key to her heart?

Explaining the love triangle, Lucy said: “She sees everything in him [Dan] that she wants out of a man, he’s reliable, trustworthy, completely dotes on her and would never do the dirty on her, everything that every man she’s truly been in love/lust with has done to her.

“She sees everything in Dan apart from that one tiny thing which is the lust I suppose.”

Lucy continued: “There is a bit of a spark with Cameron still there buried underneath. Their affair has ended, but it’s in the forefront again now because of Carl and the blackmail.

“There’s a spark, a very naughty spark, she should never have gone there in the first place. But as we all know our hearts rule – or something else – rules our head!”

Dan and Chas are set to marry in the upcoming live episode of Emmerdale which takes place later this month.


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