Coronation Street video exclusive: Ryan’s drug addiction takes over

Ryan Connor has been causing all sorts of trouble for his mum Michelle since returning to the cobbles, and things are about to get a whole lot worse when his drug habit spirals out of control.

Unbelnown to Michelle, her beloved son developed a cocaine addiction while at uni, and now that he’s returned to Weatherfield, his habit has slowly been taking over his life and getting him into all sorts of trouble.

Sol Heras, who plays Ryan, explained: “Ryan has made a bit of an impact since he’s come on the street.

“He has got himself into trouble with drugs and people aren’t aware that his problem exists when he first comes back, but it starts to become apparent to everyone with his general demeanour and hangovers and his attitude towards everything.”

When Michelle sees Ryan on drugs she is devastated and can’t believe that her son has become an addict, and although she does everything she can think of to try and get him to sort himself out, her pleas fall on deaf ears and he resorts to desperate measures to feed his fix.

“When he can’t find any money in his mum’s flat he breaks into Underworld,” Sol said. “Rob hears an intruder and attacks him, not realising it’s Ryan.

“Ryan is hospitalised after being knocked unconscious but he still has the attitude not to apologise and blame someone else for everything.”

As if all that wasn’t bad enough, Ryan reaches a new low when he beds Tracy Barlow, his mum’s worst enemy and her boyfriend Steve’s ex wife!

Sol laughed: “He’s got himself a nice little cougar and doesn’t realise the reason for Tracy getting involved with him is to get back at Steve and Michelle.”

With Ryan involved in Underworld and with Tracy, it looks like there could be a lot more trouble ahead for poor Michelle!

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