Emmerdale spoiler: Charity takes on the Kings

Charity has always been a schemer, but tonight she ups her game when she manages to win the Strikes contract and demands 25 per cent of the Kings’ business if they want to get involved.

Things kick off when she starts bragging about the contract to Jimmy and Carl, and the pair are furious when she tells them she wants a cut of their business.

Adamant that he won’t work with Charity, Carl is frustrated as he knows that his business is in danger of failing without the vital contract.

Meeting with Charity and Rishi later, Carl grudgingly takes Jimmy’s advice and offers the pair a 20 per cent share of their business, but he is still wary of Charity’s underhanded business methods.

Elsewhere in the village, Rachel is calling all the shots with Jai but he is not happy about it, as she is quick to dictate to him where she will and won’t be living when the baby is born.

Rachel’s family are shocked to discover that she is pregnant and want to know who the father of the baby is, but Rachel refuses to tell them, leaving them worried that Rachel will be left holding the baby.

Don’t miss Emmerdale on STV at 7pm tonight.


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