Superstar show six round up: The competition steps up as two are sent home


The tension was reaching fever pitch in Superstar as not one, but two potential Jesus stars were sent home. The remaining magnificent seven contestants were all beginning to show the strains of the competition, with one or two complaining of tiredness. But when it came to the live show, none were ready to disappoint. 


Kicking off the night the remaining Jesus wannabes gave an energetic group performance of the rock opera classic *Pinball Wizard* from The Who’s Tommy


Then Jon Moses took to the stage.  The miracle man who was initially only given a reserve spot on the show, looked geared up to continue his stay in the competition. After a “jittery” performance last night he took to the stage with a stripped down version of U2’s Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For.


Jason kicked off the comments saying: “That was a beautiful tender interpretation of a very classy song, well done and well done being first up.” 


Mel C said: “In great voice tonight Jon… very good song for you…you handled everything within that song.” 


Andrew Lloyd Webber was less impressed saying: “You were a bit sharp in places if I’m honest …I didn’t get Jesus of Nazareth I got Jesus of Las Vegas…this is an anthem of doubt…you’ve got to get that into your performance.”


The so called “baby Jesus” Jeff Anderson was next to face the panel but there was nothing babyish about his performance as he strutted the stage in skin tight purple jeggins and a leather jacket head banging throughout.


The judges gave him a standing ovation and Amanda looked open mouthed after his performance of Call it Love by Poco, well known for being the theme to Top of the Pops


Dawn said: “Wow Jeff you is one sexy Jesus! That was fantastic and how dignified are you, the youngest in the competition, to suck it up after last night and retaliate with a performance like that… You’ve come on so much over the past six weeks I can’t imagine where you’re going to go… You are a mammoth talent.”


Jason was blown away saying: “Sexy Jeffy baby!... finally we are seeing you come out of yourself… Andrew was  having convulsions….I think the part of Jesus requires vocal stamina you need to make sure you can do it night after night.” 


Andrew told the young talent: “You released your inner rock god.”


Dawn’s favourite Roger Wright was up next and proved he had the Wright stuff to impress with a version of Feeling Good by Leslie Bricusse.


Mel said: “Great song for you… I love seeing so much expression in your face…to come out and give a performance like that when you’re not 100 percent… remarkable.”


Dawn joked: “Is it a new Dawn you’re looking for? That’s what I heard. What I heard was a public proposal of marriage. It’s show nine and you are shining so brightly I think you are a prince!”


The next performer, Ben Forster, is no stranger to praise and proved as much tonight with his confident performance of the Foreigner classic Cold as Ice.


The judges gave him a standing ovation after a high energy performance including some impressive stunt work with some chairs!


Jason gushed: “I have to say the standard of this competition is absolutely off the scale…  that was intelligent, articulate, centred. You continue to grow… you could win this.” Lord! Praise indeed!


Dawn could hardly stop smiling and said: “Sunderland’s finest on a roll there… you were very courageous to go for the high note and to attempt the extreme sport of chair walking! Well done.”


Mel seemed lost for words telling him: “I just don’t know where you have left to go… can you get any better? It’s actually ridiculous… you have it all!”


Andrew agreed saying: “You have grown the most in this competition and the one thing you absolutely do is to totally convince us about the story you are singing…but you remain yourself and make it your own. A remarkable talent… I can’t say any more!”


After last night’s traumatic sing off Rory Taylor had an uphill battle to fight on the show and opted to sing a heartfelt version of Keane’s Silenced for the Night, hoping he would not be the one silenced in the competition.


Dawn told him: “That is you rising again to the top… so focused and so simple.”


Mel said: “Rory or as my daughter calls you my boy, that was a beautiful performance, very expressive…your vocals are sublime and do funny physical things to me!” Holy Smokes! Too much sharing there Mel!


Jason agreed saying: “You have a very unique vocal…it reaches out and touches you in a way that’s very special.” It was all getting a bit touchy feely on the judging panel!


Andrew told the young singer: “Fabulous vocal…the transition you did from the big note to the small was truly masterful…there are very few singers that could do that.”


David Hunter sang Nothing Compares to you last night, moving Dawn to tears, and nothing did seem to compare but could he follow it up with another winner? Tonight he gave a masterful dramatic performance of One Republic’s Apologise


Jason said: “It’s like we’re all singing for our survival incredible dramatic tension in that song…you sold it so well... I have to say you’re a great guy and I hope you go all the way.”


Mel said: “Finally! I get the opportunity to tell you how fantastic you are…you are one of our strongest vocalists, the strongest actor… every time you perform it moves me.”


Dawn said: “You are always utterly, utterly in control. There is no bull about you, you are completely authentic. You would make a unique and modern Jesus.”


Andrew told him: “You are a phenomenal actor with the ability to see the crowd and make any person in the audience feel special which I think is extraordinary.”


Nathan James was the final performer, sitting astride a motorbike the blonde Jesus-in-the-making closed the show with rock anthem Sweet Child O’ Mine by Guns ‘n’ Roses.


Dawn told him: “Nathan that was phenomenal, yet again the song for you is absolutely no problem, you conquered it!” before telling the ecstatic audience to shut be quiet so she could continue her comments!


She added: “When you perform I can’t take my eyes off you - in fact give me my eyes back you greedy hairy biker!” Referring to her comments to him in previous shows she said: “Criticism is not disrespect, it’s just commentary and you can take it or leave it.” Fighting talk!


Jason told him: “I wish I could sing like you…it was pitch perfect, it was effortless you constantly deliver.” 


Nathan then told the judges: “I’ll be really honest, when I came here I was so confident but now I’m currently feeling very insecure …feel like I’ve taken a beating, but I really respect each and every one of you. Thank you for your comments.”


The poor finalists were then left to stew waiting for the result of the public vote while guest star Paloma Faith performed her new single 30 Minute Lover.


Amanda then revealed to that the three performers who would sing for their survival would be Jon Moses, Roger Wright and Jeff Anderson. After performing Could We Start Again from Jesus Christ Superstar, Andrew put his faith in Roger Wright and sent the other two performers home.


This leaves just five contestants left in the competition, but who gets your vote? Leave us a comment below and let us know your thoughts.

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