Superstar show 3 roundup: Dirk v Tim who went home?

It’s only the second live show but already Superstar is shaping up to be an emotional rollercoaster for some of the wannabe Jesuses.

The show kicked off with the 10 remaining finalists belting their hearts out with a performance of Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, complete with stunning backing dancers, before it was revealed which two musical messiahs would be in the sing-off.

Dirk Johnston and Tim Prottey-Jones had to sing for their suppers and performed Hurt by Christina Aguilera, but for Dirk it was the end of the road as he was sent packing. Oh Lord!

The rest of the hopefuls didn’t have long to dwell as it was on with the show, and first up singing More Than Words by Extreme was Roger Wright, who received really strong praise from the judges.

Dawn French was delighted with his performance and couldn’t help gushing over the good-looking lad, telling him: “I am floating in a bath of hot Rogerness here. You are just runny honey, aren’t you? You were asked to sing that from the heart, and I think you did that with great grace. I love you.”

Jason was equally full of praise, telling him his performance was heart felt, while Andrew told him it was truly beautiful. Well done Roger!

Next up was Nathan singing To Be With You by Mr Big, and his performance tonight was met with delight by Mel C, who told him: “You have had some personal comments and I think we can see that you are quite lovable, and it’s helped you finds the balance,. Now we’ve seen your softer side it’s perfect.”

Rory was keen to show off his rock side and belted out Dakota by Stereophonics, leaving Andrew in no doubt that the singer is a star in the making.

“You have arenability - I believe you would rip any arena apart,” he told him. “The interesting thing is you’re untrained and this is what the competition is about. You are a major star and I think you are very, very special.”

John became a fully-fledged finalist last night after being promoted from understudy, and he didn’t hold back with his performance of I Want to Know What Love Is by Foreigner.

Leaving Dawn delighted, she told the proud performer: “You astonished me last night, and you are demanding that none of us overlook you. You are coming up on the inside and overtaking some surprising people. I can feel that you know what being an actor feels like in that song.”

John was happy with the comments and told host Amanda Holden: “I think I was surprised at the good reaction I got last night so I wanted to do it again, but I enjoyed it.”

Next up was David, whose performance of Candi Staton’s You Got the Love left the judges stunned and had the audience screaming in appreciation.

Mel told a delighted David: “I absolutely adore you and was really nervous about that song, but it was extraordinary. I don’t think I have seen anything like that. You acted it, there was the big chorus – honestly, I’m a bit speechless!”

Nathan James was keen to top his performance from last night and sang a beautiful version of REM’s Everybody Hurts, and his risk-taking proved positive as the judges heaped praise on his head.

Andrew told him: “You dramatized that song dramatically and you have been completely yourself tonight. Bravo.”

Jason was equally impressed and added: “You are the consummate professional, I can see you get up there, you get into the zone, you take risks and you’re very brave with your decisions. It’s an interesting song choice and you coloured it and told us the story. You keep coming up with the goods, I don’t know what to say!”

Nathan was over the moon with the judges’ heavenly comments and told Amanda: “I have done pop songs the last two nights and tonight I had to deliver the goods and I was really scared, I really wanted to please Andrew.”

Next up was poor Tim, and after facing the sing-off, could he pull it out of the bag and blow the judges away? Of course he could!

Belting out Muse’s Time Is Running Out, Dawn couldn’t hold back her praise and told Tim:  “I have big, big love for you. That was fantastically insane. Well done from coming back from that difficult start.

“I was thinking about you last night and you have got the most expressive open face and eyes that let us in to places in you that are hidden, and that is a massive risk for you, but it’s enormously inviting for the rest of us.”

Mel added: “Great song and one of my favourite bands, and you absolutely did it justice.”

Baby Jesus Jeff also wanted to belt out a rock classic and gave his all to Nickelback’s How You Remind Me, earning him praise from Jason, who told him: “You certainly have the charisma and it was a great vocal.

“The song suited you and I slightly feel sometimes that there’s a little bit more in there somewhere that you can give. You’re layering it each night and I do think you’re on the way up.”

Andrew was just as impressed with the delighted singer, adding: “The baby’s come out of the manger. I felt that you were talking to me and I loved the cynicism in your performance, which is extraordinary for a boy of your age. It was well thought through and your best performance so far.”

The last singer to perform for the judges was Irishman Niall, who chose Michael Jackson’s Dirty Diana, and boy did he rock his socks off!

Dawn was delighted and told him: “That was so much better [than last night] Niall. You need to relax and allow us to know who you really are. I don’t think you have been shining as bright as you can. I want you to be here to show everyone else what you can do. Well done.”

Andrew added: “That’s the first time I have seen you fighting on stage and not relying on your charm. You really can have confidence and attitude and that was by far your best performance. I just want to give you a bit of advice – never, ever be a little boy again.”

With all this excitement, who will be next to be going home and who will continue to knock at heaven’s door? Watch Superstar tomorrow night (July 18) at 9pm on STV and ITV to find out!!


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