Superstar: Dirk Johnston’s best bits

Scottish hopeful Dirk Johnston waved goodbye to his dreams of becoming the next musical messiah when he became the second person to be sent home on Superstar.

After finding himself in the bottom two for the second time in a row, delightful Dirk sang his heart out against Tim Prottey-Jones, but it wasn’t enough and he was sent packing by Lord Webber.

Dirk first fell in love with Jesus Christ Superstar after his father bought him the DVD when he was 16, and when he found out he had made the final 10 for the show he was speechless and couldn’t wait to call his parents and tell them the good news.

The 24-year-old was delighted with the praise he received from the judges during the first live show on Sunday night when he sang Adele’s Make You Feel My Love, with Mel telling him: “Well Dirk is such a gentle soul and that was a beautiful performance. Pitch and tone throughout was just sublime and I really, really enjoyed it.”

Dawn was equally impressed and told the Scotsman: “I mean we all know that Adele made that her song but you made that Dirk’s song tonight. You’ve got a beautiful wide expressive face Dirk, don’t be afraid to use it.”

Andrew also praised Dirk’s singing talents but suggested he concentrate on upping his game in the acting stakes, telling him: “It was beautifully sung but we’ve got to remember Jesus was a leader of men. I would like to have seen more on the acting side but beautifully sung.”

Dirk found himself in the sing-off during last night’s show against Afnan Iftikhar but the judges chose to save him and send Afnan home. After the relief of finding out he would be staying in the competition, Dirk performed David Guetta’s Titanium, but he received mixed comments from the judges.


Mel C kicked off the comments, telling him: “First of all congratulations. You sang beautifully in the sing off, then emotionally to be able pick yourself up and sing like that - well done.”

She added: “It was a bit shaky in the start but then you got going. That song is about being strong - I didn’t know if you would do it but you did.”

Jason was less impressed with delightful Dirk, saying: “I’ll be honest with you, I didn’t think that song was suited to you. It’s one of my favourite songs but it was a little pitchy in the beginning. It’s a difficult song to interpret. You’ve got to unleash the beast - playing the part of Jesus requires you to rock out.”

Dawn disagreed, however, and said: “I felt really happy about that in many ways. You can be too restrained but you did come alive in that song. That song takes courage to sing. You’re going to have to channel a fearlessness that isn’t very natural to you.”

Despite the mixed comments, Andrew really enjoyed Dirk’s performance and told him: “I thought you did very well, good luck.”

The Scottish singer performed Christina Aguilera’s Hurt in tonight’s sing-off, but luck wasn’t on his side as it wasn’t enough to save him and he was sent home, telling presenter Amanda Holden: “It was obviously very hard to be twice in the bottom two but I am extremely grateful to have come this far, and that Andrew believed in me and was impressed with me and took me all the way up.”

Do you think the judges were right to send Dirk home or have they made a mistake? Leave your comments below and let us know!

Superstar continues on STV and ITV tomorrow night (July 18) at 9pm.

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