Superstar reject Afnan reveals he is 'gutted' to have been voted off

Afnan Iftikhar became the first hopeful voted off Superstar last night, after he ended up in a dramatic sing-off with Scottish singer Dirk Johnston.

Despite delivering a heartfelt rendition of Memory from Cats, Andrew Lloyd Webber decided Afnan wasn’t the rock god he was looking for and sent him packing. It was highly emotional, especially when the remaining Jesus wannabes waved him off through a cloud of smoke and lights.

Speaking after the show, Afnan said: “I’m absolutely gutted. I’d be lying if I said I felt any other way cause no one wants to be the first one out, but someone has to be and you know, if that’s me, that’s me.” Oh Afnan, we still love you!

The 23-year-old model was determined to look on the brightside, as he added: “I believe in the theory that everything happens for a reason. Maybe I wasn’t right for this, but I’ll be right for something else.” The sixth member of One Direction perhaps? Just a thought.

Afnan admitted that although he gave it his all, he probably could have done better, but being the lovely chap that he is, insisted Dirk had the edge on the night.

Now, get your tissues at the ready, this is where Afnan really tugged at the heart strings: he said: “Of course I’m going to miss the show. Every single one of those boys are like brothers to me and I’m going to miss them immensely.” Oh can’t they all just be Jesus?!

Sadly not, and tonight we have to face another one biting the dust. Oh heavens! But who will be following in Afnan’s footsteps? We’ll find out tonight when Superstar returns at 9pm on STV and ITV.


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