Emmerdale's Rik Makarem says Nikhil will be a protective dad

Emmerdale star Rik Makarem has said he thinks his alter-ego Nikhil Sharma will be a devoted father.

Sharma recently discovered his girlfriend Gennie is pregnant with his baby.

Speaking to the official Emmerdale site, he said: "He's going to be the most protective dad ever.

"This could be life-changing for Nikhil, how he handles situations. It's going to require him to change. I think he'll be a good dad."

The actor joked: "This is his baby, he's going to love it and cherish it and of course the moment it might start to have a little number two I think he'll be like, 'Gennie, take it from me, the germs, the germs!'."

Businessman Nikhil proposes to Gennie, but she turns him down saying he is only asking her because she is pregnant.

Meanwhile, Makarem recently told Inside Soap that Nikhil is trying to do the right thing.

He said: "Nikhil is very methodical and believes that babies and marriage go hand in hand.

"He's finally got the chance to have everything perfect. But when Gennie discovers he knows, she thinks he only wants to marry her because she's pregnant, and refuses! He's shot himself in the foot.

However, he added: "When Gennie finally says yes to him, the floodgates open. It's a truly beautiful moment."

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