Coronation Street spoiler: Dev sniffs out Sunita's affair

It looks like things are finally coming to a head at the Alahan household when Dev finally sniffs out Sunita's sordid affair.

No longer able to ignore his growing suspicions from over the past few weeks, Dev finally decides to confront Sunita.  He voices his concerns about the money, asking if it was intended to help her set up a new life with someone else.

Dev's temper flares but a coy Sunita insits she's innocent as he demands to know who her new man is.  During all of this Karl waits at the hotel for Sunita, but will she come clean in the end? 

When Stella arrives at the Alahans' warzone will she get dragged into the whole mess?

Playing detective, Peter finds out his own son was the thief all along when he discovers Aadi's DS and Amy's money hidden in his room.  How will Simon take it when Peter drags him round the street to apologise then locks up all his own games and toys?

A loved-up Marcus is determined to get Maria to fall for him when he takes her for a date at the Bistro.  His smooth ways work a charm as Maria later admits her dinner date was the best she's ever had!  Get in there Marcus.

Meanwhile Tommy begs for a second chance from Tina with his tail between his legs.  But will puppy dog eyes be enough to win her back?

Gary and Izzy talk about having a kid one day after looking after Faye. Are the couple getting broody?


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