Big Brother 2012: Meet the housemates

Big Brother has returned and 13 new housemates have entered the reality house.

The first to enter was the current Miss India UK, Deana Uppal, who is a successful model in both UK and India.

The 23-year-old has said she loves being single, and claims that the greatest love of her life is money.

Abercrombie & Fitch model Arron Lowe is a Mixed Marital Arts fighter who claims he will be returning to the ring after Big Brother.

He says his strategy to win is to play the other housemates off against each other.

Caroline Wharram, 20, from Surrey claims to be "weird, embarrassing and a bit of a loser".

Personal trainer Conor McIntyre claims the most important person in his life is himself.

Luke Scrase is a nightclub promoter from Stoke-on-Trent who claims to be the best looking alpha male in any bar he goes into.

Shievonne Robinson is an ex-Playboy bunny from Lewisham who thinks all men are liars and cheaters.

She can down ten tequila shots in 30 seconds and her party trick is to smoke a cigarette with her boobs.

Benedict Garrett is a 32-year-old actor in the adult industry who used to be a teacher. He lost his last teaching job after it was revealed he had been a stripper.

He defended himself against improper conduct at a hearing and can return to teaching in two years.

Lauren Carre is a criminology student from Jersey who holds a black belt in karate.

She is single and is hoping for "some good looking and intelligent guys in the house".

Luke Anderson is a chef who had a sex change after feeling like "a boy in a girl's body" from a young age.

He hopes that being on the show will help to show trans guys that it is possible to lead a normal life.

Adam Kelly is a former member of the Los Angles Crips gang. Since life in the gang he has turned his life around and become a mentor for young people.

Ashleigh Hughes is an Essex girl who claims not to conform to the sterotype.

She said: "Yes I wear fake things when I go out but I'm not like that TOWIE lot."

Sara McLean is from Scotland and is a former Miss Edinburgh who says she is outrageous flirt and a Conservative Party supporter.

Scott Mason hopes that Big Brother will help him to launch a career as a celebrity historian.

Lydia Louisa is a professional dancer who is engaged to andy Scott-Lee, who she met while dancing in a vide for his sister Lisa Scott-Lee.

The 25-year-old is allergic to alcohol so will be sober during her time on the show.

Chris James is a 21-year-old doorman who is fascinated with conspiracy theories, The Illuminati, and anything paranormal.

Lastly, 41-year-old Victoria Eisermann who is a a plus-sized former glamour model, animal rights campaigner and dog-lover.

She hopes to win Big Brother so she can "start a vegan handbag and shoe company".


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