One Direction's Louis Tomlinson tried to explain The Hunger Games to Harry Styles

One Direction star Louis Tomlinson had to explain to Harry Styles the plot for the hit film The Hunger Games.

Despite being one of the biggest movie hits of the year, Styles admitted that he had not seen it.

When asked by The Hot Hits about the movie, Styles replied: "Is the concept that you have to fight while being hungry?

"Like are you still hungry while you're fighting?"

Louis tried to explain: "People die because they starve, but they don't have to."

Harry replied: "I thought they were fighting for food."

Louis joked: "What like it's a war between McDonalds employees, like `Get me the Big Mac'?

Harry said: "I thought it was like you fought for your town to have food for like, a year and then you do the games again."

Louis interjected: "You've misunderstood the whole concept. The film is a fight for survival."

Once he got the concept of the plot, Harry revealed what he would do if he was on The Hunger Games.

He said: "I would befriend someone who has a big gun; then Niall would get a big crossbow."

Louis replied: "I think you would be the first to go. You or potentially Liam."

However, Liam was not having that, saying: "I'd be too brave, I'd just get angry. Someone would hurt me and I'd just be like AAGGGHHH."

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