What makes Scottish different from the English? Time to have your say

What makes Scottish different?
What makes Scottish different?

It’s the question that’s had some from foreign shores deeply confused – but a new ScotPulse survey is looking to find out what makes us Scots different from the English.

Participants are being invited to visit the STV ScotPulse page and give their answer to the following question:

“Tell us one thing that you think makes Scotland different to England.”

Give that the answer can be absolutely anything, there’s little doubt that a wide range of answers can be expected.

We’d reveal our own explanation, though we wouldn’t want to influence you in any particular direction... though as a start, might whisky, Irn Bru, or tartan bonnets spark your imagination?

The good news is that we’ll be sharing some of the best answers on stv.tv soon.

Even better, by signing up to join the ScotPulse panel you’ll also be giving yourself the chance to win a brand new iPad – something that might appeal whatever side of the border you hail from!

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