Coronation Street preview - Friday, April 27, 8.30pm

When Pam stops by she’s shocked to see Jack is now living with Sally and Kevin full time. Pam isn’t impressed and accused the pair of passing the baby from pillar to post. Her words hit home and Sally tells Kevin she’ll never be able to think of Jack as her own. Instead, she makes it clear to Kevin that Jack is a constant reminder of his betrayal. Sally is confident their relationship will never work but Kevin won’t give up on her. Will Sally be persuaded by Kevin’s determination to make things up?

The street’s protest takes a disastrous turn Kirsty and the other protesters are speechless when a DCI arrives at the club threatening to arrest them. Accepting that the game is finally up they reluctantly leave as the DCI has a go at Kirsty for getting involved. Back at home Kirsty is convinced something isn’t right, sensing some kind of corruption. Will she let it go or continue to dig with the risk of losing her job?

David and Kylie’s marriage hits the rocks. David’s back at home having failed to convince Kylie to leave the Bistro. When she finally bursts in David begins to think she’s seen sense. But his hopes are dashed when Kylie reveals she’s only dropped by to collect some things and then she’s leaving again. As she drags a sleeping Max from his bed David pleads with her to stay. As Max begins to cry will Kylie see the destruction she’s causing?

Elsewhere, Dev offers Anna some night work at the shop as she struggles to make ends meet. Karl’s thrilled when Sunita gives him a car radio for his birthday.

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