Coronation Street preview - Friday, April 27, 7.30pm

The couple have been getting on well and Sophie believe a reconciliation is on the cards for her parents. However, her hopes are dashed when Kevin gets a call from his childminder who’s ill and Sally’s left looking after the baby. After spending the day with Jack she confides in Carla telling her things are a mess between her and Kevin. She tells her friend that although she still loves Kevin she’s unsure if she can ever accept baby Jack as her own. As Jack cries will Sally soften to him?

Kylie reverts back to her old ways. Kylie hasn’t returned home all night and as David gets Max ready for school he conceals his true feelings. At the Bistro a drunk Kylie and a group of hangers on rudely demand service. Struggling to deal with an out of control Kylie, Nick decides it’s time to call David. David brings Kylie down a peg but will she see sense and head home?

Stella forgets Karl’s birthday. Karl’s gutted to find Stella has forgotten his birthday. Upset, he heads out to work, revealing his disappointment to Sunita. Elsewhere, Stella arrives with a birthday gift. Will all be forgotten?#

Elsewhere, Terry calls in a favour from a friend at the council in a desperate bid to have the protesters moved from his club. Anna’s stressed by money worries.

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