TOWIE star Maria Fowler campaigns to get Ann Widdecombe to Sugar Hut

Maria Fowler v Ann Widdecombe: not something we thought we would ever see, but it made for interesting viewing when the two rather different feisty females entered a debate on This Morning yesterday.

The lovely ladies were discussing Ann’s suggestion that anyone who gets “drunk and incapable" on a night out should be named and shamed. Party girl Maria doesn’t agree and wants to take Ann out in Essex to show her how a night on the town really unfolds.

Speaking on This Morning, former Tory MP Ann said: "I'm not talking about people who get merry or people who accidentally get a bit drunk.

"I'm talking about people who go out deliberately to get drunk. It puts a strain on the rest of us.

"The NHS can't cope and the police can't cope. I'm talking about serious excess."

Maria insisted more responsibility should be taken by the "pubs and clubs".

She said: "I've worked in many bars and venues like that. When we were serving drinks, I'm sure it's against the law to serve a treble, so I was often encouraged to serve a double and then another shot on the side. That's not responsible to me.

The former TOWIE favourite added: "If I go out and have a few too many and it ends up the paper or online, maybe I've got a warped sense of humour, but I find it funny.

"I got arrested about four years ago. It wasn't one of my most drunken nights. A lad came up behind me, grabbed my bum and I turned around and pushed him. It just happened that a policeman was coming around the corner when I pushed him. Would it be fair if I was shamed for that?

"What if someone had their drink spiked?"

Ann politely declined Maria’s offer of a night out but the Essex model, who is currently living in Perth, Scotland, isn’t giving up that easily.

After the show, she took to Twitter to say: “Omh ur all saying #A-Widdy. hahaha let's get her trending n hope she will change her mind and corn to sugar hut with me! Xx [sic]”

Ann’s documentary, Drunk Again: Ann Widdecombe Investigates, is on 5 Live at 10pm on Monday.


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