Britain’s Got Talent star Jonathan Antoine opens up about diet dilemma

Britain’s Got Talent 2012 kicked off on Saturday night, unearthing a pop opera duo that has taken the world by storm – Jonathan and Charlotte.

Jonathan, in particular, captured the attention of Simon Cowell and has since been dubbed the new Susan Boy-le.

The 17-year-old has an incredible voice, but just like Susan, doesn’t quite fit the stereotypical image of a music star.

Jonathan has insisted he doesn’t want a makeover, but admits that being overweight does get him down.

In an interview with new! magazine, he said: “My weight affects my confidence and I was bullied when I was younger.

“I have tried to diet but it’s not worked. I continue to try – but I don’t think my weight is holding me back.”

In another interview, the shy singer said he would like to lose weight, but purely for health reasons. “It’s not important to me from an image point of view. I am the way I am and I always will be.”

Jonathan added: “I know I don’t look like a standard performer. I just went out there in my normal clothes, so I expected there would be a little bit of a reaction. I was hoping our performance would show them differently.”

It certainly did just that. Jonathan and Charlotte’s audition for the show has already attracted millions of views on YouTube and the talented duo’s performance has won praise from music lovers around the world.

Has show one of BGT unearthed this year’s winner? There’s a long way to go but Jonathan and Charlotte have certainly made an impact and proved that Britain really does have Talent.


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