Dancing on Ice star Corey Feldman sad to say bye to Brooke

Last night, Corey Feldman was voted off Dancing on Ice after ending up in the skate-off with Charlene Tilton.

Despite delivering his "best performance yet", Louie Spence and Katarina Witt felt it was time for Corey, and his now infamous ‘strand’, to head back to Hollywood.

Speaking after the show, the Lost Boys star said: “I felt great during the performance and I was actually surprised cause I didn’t think I had the strength.

“Everything was hurting, I was in a terrible amount of pain, but as soon as they said “you’ve got to do it”, I got this 'whatever' attitude and I had fun and I enjoyed it so at the end of the day, like Brooke said, we can walk away at least on a high note and be proud of it so that’s what I’m going to do.”

In previous years there have been reports of backstage bitching and tales of celebs not getting on, but Corey was keen to stress there has been great “camaraderie” on DOI 2012 and that is something he is really going to miss.

What else will he miss? Well funnily enough, partner Brooke Castille.

It has been no secret that the pair have struggled to bond on the show, with this week’s training VT showing Chemmy Alcott stepping in to keep Corey calm and explain that Brooke was only pushing him as she wanted him to reach his full potential.

Finally setting their differences aside, putting his arm around Brooke, Corey said: “We built up to having a friendship you know, it took time and now that we have, it’s like “bye” which is sad.”

Were you a Corey fan? Will you miss his unique style of skating? Did the judges make the right decision last night? Use our comment system to tell us.


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