Rebecca Ferguson says she won't be a diva!

Rebecca Ferguson admitted that even though she is receiving rave reviews for her debut album Heaven, her family will stop her from becoming a diva.

The lass from Liverpool admitted that it would be easy to start making demands if her family were not keeping her feet on the ground.

She told the Daily Star Sunday: "Everything is done for you and it's easy to start being a diva

"You want everything to be perfect so I understand why people get carried away.

"But my family would never let me. I'd been filming my video all day, I was exhausted and I expected my mum to have done my tea. But I got a text saying, `Get a loaf and some milk'.

She added: "The only thing I have on my rider is ginger tea and I only added that last week because I didn't have anything."

Meanwhile, Rebecca recently criticised Rihanna for being a bad role model for young girls.

Ferguson told Yahoo: "I wouldn't let my daughter watch her. As a woman, I want to teach my daughter that a man should love you for who you are.

"They should love you for you as a person, not for how you dress - and you don't have to be a sexual thing to a man."

She added: "[Rihanna] can say 'I've got no kids', but if you want that lifestyle and you want that money, ultimately you are influencing generations and you have to remember that. They will copy you. Popstars should think of their audience."

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