X Factor results: Twitter fury as Frankie Cocozza remains in competition

Frankie Cocozza is a born survivor, after the public once again voted him through to next week’s X Factor, while boyband The Risk and Johnny Robinson were sent packing in a double elimination.

The 18 year old was shocked and delighted, Tweeting: “So happy to be through, thanks for all the support. Absolutely gutted the risk are out. X x”

Other Twitter users were not quite so pleased with the result…

Michelle Heaton wrote: “Omg bloody g!!! Did not see that comming! Which idiots voted for the tone deaf frankie over the hugely talented "the risk"? X”

Lord Sugar echoed the sentiment of many Tweeting: “Frankie still in X-Factor phone voting backfiring. Producers know he is rubbish but can't do anything. Disgraceful TV .ITV have to act.”

Scottish bra tycoon Michelle Mone added: “No WAY who is voting for this complete idiot wee boy? Frankie.”

Angry show fan Nikitta said: “I'm so annoyed that Frankie Cocozza is still in X Factor. He needs to go. He doesnt even seem grateful when he goes through.

Megan agreed: “feel bad for The Risk, they actually had talent & they were nice boys, unlike Frankie Cocozza. FIX FACTOR.”

Oh dear. One group of lads who are happy that Frankie is still in the competition  is One Direction.

The former X Factor contestants have been championing the Brighton boy from the start and last night Louis Tomlinson urged their army of female fans to pick up the phone and vote Frankie, which they clearly did.

Now some fans are blaming OD for keeping Frankie in the competition.

One Direction Fans Tweeted: “Sorry, but I partially blame @Louis_Tomlinson for this, telling people to get behind Frankie. The Risk did not deserve to go.”

Whatever you think of Frankie, he certainly adds a certain spark to the show. Are you a Frankie fan? Are you glad he stayed or do you think The Risk or Johnny should still be in? Use our comment system to tell us.


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