Emmerdale preview - Thursday, September 15, 8pm

As Aaron lies gasping on the floor Sean drops the cash tin and runs away. Chas is worried when Sean comes to the pub, telling everyone Aaron has collapsed. They quickly make their way outside but find Aaron is not there. Chas spots the cash tin lying on the ground and tells Sean he must tell the truth or the police will be called. The search begins for Aaron but Zak and Sam find him stumbling along the road and take him home. Paddy takes Chas to him but Aaron makes his feelings clear. Rachel is worried she’s going to lose her job but Diane reassures her this has nothing to do with her. Later, Diane bumps into Chas who is looking for Rachel to discuss Sean’s actions. When Aaron wakes from a much needed sleep he is taken aback by the pleasant atmosphere. He can’t believe nobody is questioning him and Zak leaves him alone when he goes to pick up Belle. All seems to be fine untul Aaron panics. He spots a knife and picks it up. Later, Sam returns home to find Aarons mood has lifted. As Aaron throws him a beer he glances down at his shirt and conceals the traces of blood starting to show through his clothes.

Nicola is livid after finding out that Jimmy is trying to find Elliot and Kelly. Bob worries he could be making things worse for Jimmy when Nicola questions him about Jimmy’s request for information on Elliott’s whereabouts. Later when an electrical issue plunges the haulage into darkness, Jimmy finds Bob has landed him in it when he goes to see Nicola about an electrician.

Charity is strangely nice to Nikhil in an attempt to find out more about his parents. Charity can’t bear to think that Jai could be ashamed of her. Nikhil doesn’t plan to spend the night with Charity but feels snubbed when Gennie shows more interest in Nicky. Competitive Nikhil goes running with Nicky and both boast about being the better runner.

Andy tries to hide his jealousy when Alicia gets flirty with Carl. Carl is desperate to win over Alicia but she isn’t interested and heads home. However, before she sets off Carl kisses her on the lips and Andy sees the exchange. He’s worried as he’s been told about her plans to move to Spain with Jacob.

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