Razy Gogonea and Michael Collings through to BGT final: Semi-final 5 round up

Emotional Romanian dancer Razy Gogonea grabbed the ninth spot in the Britain’s Got Talent Final after dazzling the crowds and judges on the night, break-dancing in his own unique way, and comfortably winning on the public vote.

Popular pooch and singer pairing, Pippa and Pup then faced off in a head to head battle with Michael Collings for the judges votes.

It was a straightforward enough win for Collings, who got the nod from Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden and Michael McIntyre. David Hassellhoff wasn’t asked to vote as the outcome had already been decided by nature of the first three votes.

Gogonea and Collings will now prepare to lock horns with the rest of the finalists; singer Ronan Parke, pianist Paul Gbegbaje, boy band New Bounce, concert keyboard player Jean Martyn, impressionist Les Gibson, dancers James Hobley & Steven Hall, and singer Jai McDowell.

Here’s how the night unfolded….

Psychedelic hula-hoop act Marawa the magnificent kicked off the show, giving a decent, entertaining performance, but never looking like upsetting her long odds. Marawa’s best comment came from David Hassellhoff, as he said: “Marawa, you were on fire tonight, literally on fire. Fantastic job congratulations. You really stepped it up, great job.”

Next to take to the stage was the ever popular, Pip & Puppy. An operatic performance with an outfit straight from a fairytale was enough to send the fans and judges into raptures. Michael McIntyre said: “I loved it, that was hilarious. Buddy raised his game, it was better than the audition. When you went up high Buddy freaked out, but all in all a real surprise.”

Another popular act followed, in The Celtic Colleens. The Irish dancing group too gave themselves an outside chance of qualification with an upbeat and modern performance. Again McIntyre was forthcoming with the compliments. The comic said: “Simon is right, the standard tonight is amazing and all of you were absolutely sensational. I loved the audition and I just pray it came across to people watching at home as magnificent as it did live. I loved it well done.”

From the sublime to the ridiculous, up next was the singing man and wife duo, Mr & Mrs. Their rendition of Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream was the subject of much ridicule from Mr Cowell. He said: “It wasn’t great. It was very sweet, but the wrong song for the two of you. I don’t know why you chose that, how old are you? I wouldn’t be singing Teenage Dream. My advice would have been, you should have been playing piano and you should have been singing. It didn’t work, it was very old fashioned, I didn’t get it.”


Rap act, ‘Follow the Right Path’ then pulled on the heart strings of the viewers with a moving rap tribute to their late grandfathers. An emotional performance was given, but it was always going to take a lot to outdo the eventual winners of the semi final. Despite that, the judges generally gave a positive response. Amanda Holden alluded to what might have been though, saying: “I like the song and think you did well but I was disappointed you didn’t come up with something else. You were clever enough to come up with it the first time and I thought  you’d be clever enough to come up with something else.”

A first for Britain’s Got Talent was to ensue when Antonio Popeye took to the stage, but was promptly buzzed off by all four judges in view of a poor performance. Not even a cameo appearance from X Factor act Jedward could save the eye-popping act from his inevitable fate. Simon Cowell said: “I don’t know what, all it looked like was you standing there with your eyes open but I couldn’t see you eyes bulging. Were they bulging tonight? From where I’m sitting, I didn’t see them bulging.”

The prodigal son of Britain’s Got Talent, French dancer Michael Moral was next up, and didn’t fail to disappoint. The 21-year old dance teacher was recalled to the shop by special request of Simon Cowell after being told he hadn't made the semi-finals, and gave a phenomenal performance, but again fell short of the standard required to make it through.

David Hassellhoff gave a big thumbs up and said: “Well, in the words of the English people here, I was so gutted the first time we didn’t allow you to come back so I’m very glad you came back. Great job. It was the weirdest ending of any act I’ve ever seen and it took away from whole performance.”

The best was indeed saved to last, as the final two acts were Michael Collings and Razy Gogonea. Collings’ performance of Paul Weller’s, Hanging on the Wire struck a chord with the audience, judges and viewers alike, as the singer’s gritty style catapulted him into the top three, then onto the final by virtue of the judges vote. Amanda Holden simply said: “You have a fantastic recording voice. You’re great on the guitar, you don’t need anything else, you are the voice, Michael, well done.”

Matrix fans will have rejoiced at the sight of Razy Gogonea's gravity defying break-dancing to the theme of the popular sci-fi film. After his performance, it was clear to most that this semi-final had only one winner. David Hassellhoff gave the most resounding endorsement when he said: "You were absolutely fantastic man. You are so brilliant, just like a little doll. I could take you and squish you in different shapes. You really are a sensational act, welcome to the show."

Perhaps on another night, the likes of Follow the Right Path, The Celtic Colleens and Pippa & Pup could have gone through, but tonight belonged to Razy Gogonea and Michael Collings

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