Downton’s Jim Carter reveals Michelle Obama organised White House tour

President Obama’s wife Michelle is such a huge fan of Downton Abbey the First Lady organised a tour round the White House for the cast of the hit show.

Asked who is the most famous fan of the period drama, which has captured the hearts of audiences all over the world, Jim Carter revealed the exciting trip.

“We were in America in December 2012 after going to a reception of the American ambassador’s residence in Washington, and we had a private tour of the White House that Michelle Obama had arranged with her housekeeper, which is not too shabby,” Jim told’s Gill Harvey in an exclusive interview with

Michelle is known to be a huge fan of the show about the aristocratic family and their servants, which stars the likes of Hugh Bonneville and Dame Maggie Smith.

In fact the programme is such a success that whisperings about series five area already circulating, despite the fact the fourth series has just begun on British TV.

And it looks like the drama is here to stay for some time yet, with Jim adding: “We haven’t heard anything definite about series five, I don’t think there’s anything decided about that, but it’ll go as people like it, as long as enough of the core core characters stay together and people are enjoying it I suppose, that’s the simple answer.

“So far, judging by the excitement building up about series four, it can carry on for a while. “

Executive producer Gareth Neame also told that he envisages Downton running for a long time yet.

“I think it’s got a while to run... One day I expect we’ll know we’ve reached the end of the road and decide to call it a day. But I don’t think that’s any time soon,” he said. Read more.

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