Pet care - Five steps to buying a horse

Buying a horse is a huge commitment as they can live for up to 30 years. First time buyers often don’t know what to ask, or what goes into caring for such an animal. Vet Mat Hanks believes there are five steps that everyone must follow to make sure they do everything right.

The first step is to pick your horse. They come in various different breeds, and while some are quite capable of lasting the winter out in a field others will require more specialist care. What kind of horse is right for you?

Step two, when inspecting your horse it’s a good idea to bring someone else with you who knows about such things. They can tell you what to look out for and perhaps ask questions you hadn’t thought of.

Step three: ask to see the horse’s passport. All horses will have one of these as it’s a legal requirement, and it can tell you what vaccinations the horse has had and any medicinal treatment it has received.

Step four, get the horse vetted. A standard health check is performed in exactly the same way across the country.

Finally, step five: Try the horse before you pay for it. Just like human relationships, sometimes a person and their horse just won’t get on. If your personalities don’t match, maybe this horse isn’t for you.

Perhaps the person you are buying the horse from will let you try before you buy? If you can, take it home and spend time with it.

All going well you’ll be the proud owner of a healthy and happy horse.


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