Pet Care – How to look after your reptile

Snakes and lizards are not everyone’s idea of the perfect pet, but they can make entertaining and loyal companions.

Our cold-blooded chums do require the utmost care and attention and there are a number of factors to take into account before you head to the local pet store.

A decent sized aquarium should be your first point of call and be careful to bear in mind that your reptile may grow in size. Some lizards can grow up to three feet in less than a year!

All reptiles need heat to keep their blood circulating and ultimately keep them alive and moving. In the wild they would normally receive this warmth from the sun.

Unfortunately the central heating system from your house doesn’t act as a substitute and you should ensure that your tank has the correct heating equipment. Heat-pads or red bulbs should suffice, but always check with your local pet dealer.

Finally, make sure you know what kind of food your animal eats. It’s no use giving your carnivorous snake a slap-up salad or feeding your tortoise a steak. It won’t eat the food and WILL develop problems.


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