Attraction land big money gig in Las Vegas

Good old Blighty: Attraction paid tribute to the UK in their shadow dance for the BGT final
Vegas Attraction: Shadow group land £1.2million contract.Ken McKay/ITV

Britain’s Got Talent winners Attraction are set to star in a Las Vegas show after landing a big-money deal.

Sources close to the Hungarian shadow dance group told a Sunday newspaper that they have been offered a £1.2million contract.

The insider told the Daily Star Sunday that the group have a three-month gig at Vegas’ Mirage Hotel to perform.

A show source is quoted as saying: “Attraction has universal appeal because it doesn’t matter what language the audience speak.

“The stories they tell are ones everyone can relate to so they are perfect for tourists.”

Attraction, founded by Zoltan Szucs, have apparently invested their prize money into the group and they are all said to be taking English lessons.

A source close to the group said: “Now they’ve become household names in Britain they are going to need to do a lot of publicity so their English needs to be much better.

“They’ve all been given some specialist CDs to listen to in between interviews and rehearsals.”

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