Coronation Street fire: does Sunita start the Rovers Return blaze?

Coronation Street fans are in for another edge-of-the-seat drama, as a fire rips through the Rovers Return pub tonight.

Two much loved characters are to meet their untimely end, after becoming victims of the blaze.

But who started the terrible fire, which is set to devastate the lives of the residents?

There are suspicions that Sunita Alahan could be to blame, after her limp body is found in the cellar of the pub. What would she have been doing in there in the first place?

Sunita has reason to want to get back at Stella. She was, after all, the one who told Dev to stay away from her, telling him Sunita doesn’t really love him and their marriage can’t be saved after her affair with Karl Munro.

Talking of Karl, he is another possible suspect. He was shunned by Stella after having a fling with Sunita, so could Karl now he be attempting to exact revenge on his estranged love? Or could his jealousy of Jason, who now lives with Stella in the pub, have caused him to launch an attack on the builder?

And there is of course also the possibility that another twisted character altogether has been lurking in the shadows, waiting to wreak havoc on Coronation Street...

There has been much speculation about who might die in the fire, but Corrie bosses are keeping tight-lipped on the victims.

What we do know is that Stella, Karl and Sunita are at least among the others caught up in the inferno...

Tune into STV tonight at 7.30pm and 8.30pm and on Wednesday at 7.30pm to see the dramatic fire scenes play out!

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