It's curtains for Treyc Cohen on X Factor

Treyc Cohen ended up in the sing-off against Katie Waissel, who shared mentor Cheryl Cole with her. In a shock move, Cheryl refused to send either act home so it came down to Louis Walsh to decide who would go.

Treyc sang Unbreak My Heart by Toni Braxton and although it was not her best vocal performance it was still a great rendition. Despite this, the performance was not enough to persuade Simon to keep her on the show.

Simon said: “Here’s the dilemma. Treyc you are the better singer and Katie you are the more interesting performer. I’m going to base this on what as a viewer who I’d like to see next week. The person I’m going to send home is Treyc.”

Cheryl: “I just want to say to both of you, you're both very talented young women, thank you very much for being gracious and strong. I’m not sending anyone home. I refuse point blank.”

Dermot was then forced to move on to Dannii and said that it would be a majority vote.

Dannii said: “These girls are brilliant singers and I know I’ve given a lot of comments and I know they’ve been constructive. There’s no cause to boo anyone on this stage. They’re under the top ten. You both sing better under pressure. The person I’m sending home tonight will be Katie.”

Louis was torn, he said: “This is so difficult I’ve got to know both girls really well. My head says save Treyc, my heart says save Katie. It’s really difficult, it’s not easy. I’m going to vote with my heart and I’m going to send home Treyc.”


Treyc Cohen was Cheryl Cole’s wildcard, brought back to join Cher Lloyd, Katie Waissel and Rebecca Ferguson in the Girls category.

Treyc had made it to Judges’ Houses before and this year was sure she would be put through after her performance of Ave Maria saw Cheryl Cole say: “She’s got an amazing voice when she’s projecting it.”

Rap superstar was equally impressed adding: “Her range is out of this world.”

The singer was devastated when she was told she hadn’t made the final three but luckily Cheryl gave her a lifeline and Treyc finally got her chance to shine.

On live show 1, the stunning singer performed a version of U2 and Mary J. Blige’s One that really impressed the judges. Louis Walsh said: “All I can say is that Cheryl did a really good thing putting you in as wild card, you deserved to be on that stage, you’re a fighter, you tried before and came back, that’s what you have to do in the music industry…this is your time.”

Cheryl Cole simply told Treyc: “I actually feel like the luckiest judge tonight, to be able to welcome you back, that was incredible.

In week two, Treyc opted to sing the powerful balled Purple Rain, by Prince. The performance was strong and the singer seemed to be getting more comfortable on stage. Louis exclaimed: “Wow when I heard you last week I didn’t think you could do better that that but that was actually much, much better, a brilliant song choice, you sang every note perfect.  You remind me a little of Tina Turner.”

Simon, always with his eyes on the talent, said: "You look absolutely gorgeous.  By the way, that was incredible. It wasn’t perfect, you lost the melody in parts…I still think you’ve got to let yourself go with the way you look, the styling is not right."

Treyc seemed to have found a new niche on week three when she rocked out to Whole Lotta Love by Led Zeppelin. A new look and sound seemed to instill a new confidence in her.

Louis said: “Wow, I never thought I’d hear anyone sing Led Zeppelin…you did and you so owned that song, you’re like a rock star.”

Dannii agreed saying: “Vocally that was phenomenal, why you weren’t out front singing years before this…you look so happy on stage, maybe it’s the rock thing.”

Simon and Cheryl were both pleased she was more fierce and she had “unleashed the rock chick.”

However, her note perfect performance was not enough to save her from the bottom two where she faced John Adeleye. Treyc sang to be saved with Jennifer Hudson’s One Night Only and it seemed to do the trick as John hit the bricks and she was safe for another week.

Halloween brought out the wicked side of Treyc. She did a fierce, funky and fiery rendition of Take That’s Relight My Fire. The judges were impressed with the song choice and the staging. Louis said: “Treyc, a brilliant song choice. I know you got a shock being in the bottom two. Brilliant performance. I can’t find anything wrong with you.”

Simon, however, took a shot at Cheryl saying: “I can’t fault that vocal. But I don’t think there’s a connection between you and Cheryl. There’s not a connection as a recording artist. You’re just someone who comes out on a Saturday night, sings well but nothing original yet.”

Cheryl fired back: “You’re out of order. We work with the themes, whatever the theme is that week, we choose the song. [to Treyc] You always deliver. I have got a connection with her”

Treyc continued on the rock theme for American Anthems week with a strong rendition of Aerosmith’s Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing. Louis said: “You’re looking brilliant tonight, love most your attitude. No matter what happens you bounce back, no matter what song you can do it. Well done missus!”

Dannii agreed: “You do give it your best, you do sing incredibly and I saw a bit of spark back. Not sure of it’s the rock, but I’m not sure that the thread is that runs through out your songs.”

Simon continued his usual comments: “You are a great singer. Having said that if you have a lion you want it to bite you not like you, that’s what you’re missing, that killer instinct. You need to get in to your head, what you’re missing is passion and you have to believe in yourself and madame has to give it to you.”

However, her great singing was not enough to save her from the bottom two. She did not receive enough votes and she faced a contestant from her own category Katie Waissel in the sing-off which she lost.

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