Shaun Ryder finds proof that UFOs exist

Shaun Ryder: Prefers a quiet night with a cuppa!
The Truth Is Out There: Shaun Ryder finds proof of UFOs.ITV

UFOs exist and aliens have visited the Earth according to Happy Mondays singer Shaun Ryder.

The former bad boy has revealed that he unearthed the proof while on a trip to Chile for his new documentary Shaun Ryder on UFOs.

He told the Daily Record: "Chile is the f*****g UFO capital of the world. The Chilean Air Force - they don't keep anything secret, man.

"It's like, 'Come in and have a look at our film, we'll give you everything we've got' and they do."

Shaun Ryder is famous for his use of drugs, but insisted it wasn't them talking now.

He said: "They filmed something that is definitely a UFO flying in and out of airplanes at 6,000mph. This one thing looks like Star Wars Storm Troopers coming down from the sky on what looked ilke old-style pogo sticks.

"That's authentic footage. And no, it's not the drugs talking."

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