Emmerdale preview – Wednesday, September 22, 7pm

Andy and Katie end up in bed together when he tries to smooth things over with her. Although he tries to make it up to Sarah for what she saw last night, it is Katie he ends up with after he visits her to apologise and explain the mistakes he’s made. Emotions running high, they find themselves clinched in a moment of passion.

When Rodney and Terry discover their Mercedes and taxi office has been vandalised as well as the cars on the garage forecourt they don’t need any more evidence to know that Mickey is trying to teach Aaron a lesson. Cain is furious that he has let it get this far but Aaron refuses to back down, even though he has told Jackson and Paddy he will refund Mickey for the clocked car.

Carl tries to continue the affair with Eve and she finds herself tempted. When she arrives home at lunch to surprise him she is shocked to find Chas come down the stairs in her dressing gown. It’s obvious what Chas and Carl have been doing, and Even is stunned by her sudden jealously and feelings for Carl.

Charity asks Cain not to confront Andy when Sarah reveals how he scared her and Abi warns Ryan that his cell is going to be searched.

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