Scotland Tonight: John MacKay and Rona Dougall interview each other

People who ask the questions, like popular news anchor John MacKay and his counterpart on Scotland Tonight, Rona Dougall, rarely have to answer the questions.

So to celebrate the programme’s first birthday we got them to ask each other the key questions, such as: How do you prepare? And what do you think of your fellow presenter?

The results give an insight into how the programme is put together each week, from Monday to Thursday, and what a team effort it is between on- and off-air specialists.

But it also reveals who sees John as a “guilty pleasure” and why Rona feels she needs the make-up artist “desperately” before she goes on the show.

Both presenters are quick to acknowledge that they could not do it alone and it’s clear, underneath the banter, that the two have a healthy professional respect for each other’s skills.

And one thing comes over loud and clear; they do not like having to answer questions.

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