Strictly Come Dancing: Victoria Pendleton devastated with routine

Victoria Pendleton left tearful by Strictly
Victoria Pendleton admits pride was in tatters.

Strictly Come Dancing star Victoria Pendleton admitted her pride was “in tatters” after her first dance in the competition.

The Olympic cyclist’s is partnered with Brendan Cole but their first performance saw them bottom of the leaderboard.

Pendleton told Radio Times: “I left all of my pride in tatters on the dance floor after my first performance.

“I felt prepared beforehand. But then I stepped out into the spotlight, forgot one step and it all went wrong.

“I just didn't have the dance experience to recover.”

She added: “I have never experienced that feeling of helplessness before.

“I was so upset I let down Brendan after all of the hard work that he had put into teaching me the routine.

“I was so annoyed that I didn't hear a word the judges said to me. I am sure they weren't very nice, but nothing they said could have made me feel any worse.

“The one thing that cycling has taught me that I can bring into the dance studio is that when you fall off your bike you just have to dust yourself off and jump straight back on.”

The gold medalist added that she felt better about the foxtrot last weekend and managed to score 26 from the judges.

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