Emmerdale live roundup: Death in the Dales, wedding woes & babies’ births

Emmerdale fans watched tonight’s live episode with their hearts in their mouths, as they saw soap favourite Carl King being attacked by former lover Chas Dingle, before he received a fatal blow from bitter enemy Cameron Murray.

The shock death came as the show’s first ever live episode came to a climatic end, following two wedding celebrations – one full of love but not without drama, and one full of lies – as well as two babies’ births.

It was a truly action-packed 60 minutes, that delivered the “must-see” drama show bosses have been promising for weeks.

Kicking off the programme, fans watched as an embittered Carl made his way to the village church, where he saw the love of his life, Chas, marrying Dan. Devastated by her betrayal – after her promise that she would run away with him – his mood, already grave following a fight with his brother Jimmy, became even fouler.

And a furious conversation with Cameron in the church – who was being blackmailed by Carl along with Chas, following their torrid affair behind Debbie’s back – made the situation even more terse.

Elsewhere, a wedding with a little more happiness was under way, as Katie and Declan celebrated their marriage with a lavish reception held in a luxurious tepee.

Of course in Emmerdale nothing runs smoothly and before long Declan’s half-sister Megan appeared at the reception, determined to have it out with the newlyweds after discovering they had fleeced her out of £250,000.

The arrival of her Robbie only added more fuel to the fire though, after Katie revealed to Megan that he had accepted a £10,000 bribe off her and Declan to keep his mouth shut about what they were doing behind Megan’s back. That certainly didn’t go down too well…

Meanwhile, Debbie was rushed into hospital in the nick of time to deliver her baby boy, the saviour sibling who could save little Sarah’s life. Of course it was absolutely essential that the baby be born in the care of medical staff in a hospital to have the directed cord blood collection taken, in order to be in with a shot of helping Sarah. Her partner, Cameron, who had other things on his mind, was nowhere to be found.

Back in the village, Gennie also went into labour – in the middle of Dan and Chas’ disastrous last minute reception held in the Pollards’ B&B.

Of course in typical soap style, father-to-be Nikhil was no use at supporting his partner – apart from shouting at her to “work with the pain” – passing out himself as soon as soon as he saw the sight of blood.

But Gennie managed with the support of the villagers, as she delivered a beautiful baby girl on the floor of the B&B.

But while there was happiness in some parts of the village, there was death and destruction lying just around the corner…

After discovering Chas trying to run away from her disastrous wedding to Dan, Carl cornered The Woolpack landlady. And trying to convince him she wasn’t lying about still being in love with him, she agreed to prove her dedication by sleeping with him in the back of the camper van.

But in the end a sickened Chas couldn't go through with it and told Carl how disgusted she was with him. Their anger spilled over and the pair writhed around becoming locked in a fight, before Chas reached out for a brick and delivered a swift blow to Carl’s head.

Dazed and bloodied, the businessman was left lying confused and wounded on the floor. But it was his encounter with Cameron a few moments later Carl’s life was snuffed out.

As the bitter enemies argued about what had happened between them in the past, a smug Carl told Cameron that he was untouchable.

I thought [in the past] I was cursed but I’m not, I’m charmed. Bad things happen to people around me but I walk away untouched. I’ve done it before and I’m gonna do it again, and there’s nothing you can do to stop me. I am indestructible.”

Unfortunately for poor Carl, he realised tonight that that was not true at all, as Cameron lashed out and delivered a fatal blow that would wipe the twisted character out once and for all.

Goodbye Carl King – we'll miss you.

So that was the first ever ever live episode of Emmerdale - we hope you enjoyed it! If you missed it, watch all the drama now on the STV Player.

Also check out our dedicated Emmerdale site for all the latest backstage interviews, news and gossip, as well as photos and videos from the programme.

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