X Factor 2010 show one: acts through to Boot Camp

Apart from the sun, there was something else missing from our lives this summer: The X Factor. Now it’s back and show one hit our screens in true X-tra special style, uncovering some incredible talent and some, shall we say, incredibly optimistic hopefuls.

First to make it through to bootcamp was bubbly singer, Stephen Hunter.

Stephen took to the stage at the Glasgow auditions and gave Simon Cowell his reasons for wanting to be a star.

He said: “Tina Turner did it when she was in her 40’s and she’s a huge inspiration to me and I believe you’re never too old to live the dream.”

The 41 year old started his performance of Disco Inferno with a cheeky wiggle and some saucy moves that seemed to go on and on and on… But there was no singing!

Cowell stopped the music and said: “Are you going to sing?”

Hunter replied: “I was just about to get started.”

With massive cheers from the crowd, the music started again and Stephen launched into the pop hit complete with hilarious but fun-filled choreography.

Geri Halliwell, who was filling in for judge Dannii Minogue, said: “I really loved it. You were entertaining. You were a mixture of vulnerability and a bit of a diva in there.”

Cheryl added: “What a fantastic way to kick off the X Factor. You’re eyes were twinkling. When you’re having fun, we’re having fun I really enjoyed it.”

Simon smiled: “I think you do have a really good voice but I think the whole little boy lost routine has got to go as you’re not 16.”

All the judges agreed Stephen has what it takes to go through to the next round and the delighted house husband exclaimed: “I feel amazing! I canny believe I got through, it’s just out of this world.”

After a few not so talented Glaswegians in the form of Diva Features, 70 year old George and Emedy Ecilo, a ray of light came in the form of 18 year old, Gamuchirai Nhengu.

Nhengu moved to Scotland from Zimbabwe in 2005 and decided to go along to the Glasgow auditions this year to showcase her stunning voice.

She performed a unique version of Walking On Sunshine and although Simon Cowell wasn’t instantly impressed with her song choice, this young lady quickly won him over with her rousing performance.

Speaking before her audition, Nhengu explained that she wanted to be remembered as "somebody that people talk about".

After performing, the young lady received a standing ovation from the crowd.  

Simon said: "To be honest with you, that is one of my worst songs ever, but you did something different with it.

"I really, really, really like you! You are very talented."

Louis Walsh described her as "soulful" and "likeable", while Cheryl Cole admitted that she was "really excited" by the performance.

Guest judge Geri Halliwell told a tearful Nhengu that her mother will be "proud" of her.

All the judges gave her a unanimous yes with Simon Cowell saying “a million per cent yes!” Praise indeed.

After opinionated judge Geri Halliwell managed to shut up for a few seconds, it was time for Glasgow duo G & S (Gay and Straight), aka Peter and Caroline, to perform.

The pair took to the stage and Simon asked: “Which one’s gay?” Peter laughed: “I am obviously, do you have to ask Simon?”

They launched into Journey and Glee hit, Don’t Stop Believing but sadly it quickly emerged it was time for Peter to give up on his dreams.

His singing and dancing was completely out of time and Cheryl Cole appeared to have her fingers in her ears.

Louis Walsh said: “Such a great song getting strangled on stage – absolutely awful.”

Geri stepped in to give Caroline a glimmer of hope. She said: "Caroline I’d love to hear you sing yourself if you wouldn’t mind?”

Peter looked devastated as he ran off stage but in a brave and kind-hearted move, he actually went to put on a solo track for his best friend.

Caroline performed a confident rendition of Get Here and the crowd went wild.

Cheryl said: “It was ten times better you singing out here on your own, but I have to add, I wish I had a friend like him.”

Simon added: “You’re very lucky to have a friend like him. You are better than you’re friend but in the real world I’m not sure your voice is good enough.”

Louis and the other judges disagreed and thought Caroline showed potential, putting her through to Boot Camp.

A delighted Peter cheered and cried with joy for his best bud - now that truly is friendship.

Glasgow threw up even more talent in the form of singing waitress Lynn Francis O’Niell, girl and boy band Noir and 21 year old Mark who performed Turn Back the Hands of Time.

As the judges left Glasgow Simon simply summed up the auditions by saying: “This is why we come back to Scotland.”

Next it was time to hit London where group Jahm had high hopes of winning over the judges, but their audition was far from sweet.

After performing Bad Romance by Lady Gaga, Simon said: “You want me to be honest? You are probably the worst group we have ever had on this show. Genuinely, I have never, ever heard anything like that. It was utterly atrocious.”

Louis added: “It was like 3 cats being strangled in an alley, you were all out of tune.”

Cheryl looked shocked. She told the hopefuls: “I very rarely say this but that was absolutely shocking. Really bad.”

Oh dear, Jahm sadly came to a sticky end.

Simon was more impressed with the host of girl bands who came along to the London auditions but Cheryl wasn’t so keen, telling them to look at their images and lay off fake tan. Simon told her she was being “catty” to which Cheryl looked a little miffed.

Bringing something a little different to the auditions was Katie Waissell, who was dressed like Madonna in the eighties.

The 24-year-old receptionist divided the judges with her performance.

Waissell, who claims she has always wanted to be famous, sang We Are The Champions' after Simon said her original choice of Etta James's At Last was too boring.

She said: "Freddie Mercury is my icon and I love Etta James. Sometimes I wish I was their love child! I want to let the whole world know who I am."

However, as she started singing her Queen number she forgot the words and Louis Walsh said: "That was very disappointing, Katie.”

She begged for a chance to perform her original choice.

Simon said: “You’ve got twenty second to impress Louis.”

Cheryl Cole praised her "quirky style", but Louis was left unimpressed saying she was "style more than substance".

Simon told her: "You are like a singing scarecrow. If the wind blows you too much in one direction, you will go off the stage."

She got a no from Louis, a yes from Cheryl and Simon decided to give her a chance, much to the delight of the kooky girly and her family.

Oh Mercy! Next up was Shaleena Johnson who performed Duffy’s hit Mercy in her own ‘style’.

She grunted and shouted Mercy as she danced around in her leopard print pedal pushers.

Simon said: “I’ve never ever heard anything like that in my life. You are fantastically nuts.”

Cheryl said: “I’m speechless.”

Louis looked in disbelief but gave her a yes. Cheryl said no so it was all down to Simon and he said… “yes!”

The stunned judge added: “I just want to see her do it again.”

Oh help! What a show. Did you enjoy X Factor show one? Who was your favourite performer? What did you think of Geri Halliwell as a judge? Use our comment system to tell us.


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