X Factor Boot Camp 2012: Collagen Westwood sent home after drinking whiskey

Everyone gets nervous at the X Factor Boot Camp, but Collagen Westwood took it too far when she decided to get drunk before her performance.

With a third of the hopefuls being sent home before they had even had the chance to sing, the remaining contestants were divided into groups of three to compete against each other in a sing-off.

Collagen was put into a group with Britt Love and Deirdra Lawler, and Britt was left less than impressed when Collagen decided to have ‘a couple of whiskeys’ before facing the judges.

“I’m really annoyed because she’s really quite drunk and I can smell it on her,” she said. “It’s not fair on me and my other member.

“You know some people are here just to be on TV.”

As the girls took to the stage to perform Kings of Leon’s Use Somebody, it was clear that Collagen’s whiskey drinking had done nothing to enhance her performance, and Gary Barlow was left disappointed, telling the girls: “”I have to say that was awful, absolutely awful, that’s the worst audition of the day!”

Luckily for Britt, the judges sent her through to the next round of Boot Camp, but it was the end of the line for Collagen and Dierdra, who were both sent home.

Collagen was not happy with the judges’ decision, however, and ranted backstage: “Gary isn’t the holy grail of singing. I think Gary is a bit mean anyway.

“I thought that from the beginning, I never really liked him. He was a bit horrible.”

Maybe try a touch less whiskey the next time, Collagen…