Coronation Street video exclusive: Tina makes a life-changing decision

Tina McIntyre has hit rock bottom recently after her aggressive behaviour towards pregnant Kirsty Soames has turned the street’s residents against her.

With her boyfriend Tommy Duckworth out of work and the pair’s money worries mounting up due to debts owed to Kirsty and their former best friend Tyrone Dobbs, the plucky barmaid is at breaking point and is forced to take drastic action.

Michelle Keegan, who plays Tina, explained: “Things aren’t going well for Tina and Tommy at the minute. They have no money whatsoever, Tommy has broken his ankle and can’t work anymore and they’re about to become homeless.

“Tyrone and Kirsty are pushing for their money back now and they want nothing to do with Tina and Tommy at all. They are in a hopeless situation.”

Tina finds out about Izzy and Gary’s surrogacy plans, and with Izzy not keen to use her sister Katy as the surrogate, Tina offers herself up as an alternative for a large cash sum, leaving Izzy’s dad Owen over the moon, but Tommy is furious when he finds out what she’s done.

“Owen is delighted and Gary and Izzy are made up but Tommy goes mental,” Michelle said. “He isn’t happy that she’s going to carry someone else’s baby when she isn’t ready to have a child with him yet.

“This is going to be a really big storyline and it’s really, really juicy. The storyline is leading up to Christmas and there’s loads of twists and turns throughout the whole process. I’m really looking forward to it.”

With Tina and Tommy already at loggerheads, it looks like their relationship is set to be tested to the limit!

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