X Factor: Christopher Maloney overcomes crippling nerves to steal the show

The X Factor is all about giving undiscovered talent the chance to shine and tonight Christopher Maloney did just that, as he finally overcame his crippling nerves to face the judges.

Visibly shaking as he made his way onto the stage, the 34-year-old customer services advisor from Liverpool explained to the panel that it had taken him five years to build up enough courage to audition.

“I’ve always wanted to sing but people have discouraged me and said that you know, you’re not good enough. They have really knocked my confidence, they’ve discouraged me from applying, in my head I just think I’m not good enough and that’s what has stopped me from doing it,” he revealed.

Poor Christopher has downloaded the application form for The X Factor for the last five years but every time lost his bottle and ripped it up.

But after finally building up the nerve to try out this year, he decided to perform a song for the judges which is very important to him – Bette Midler’s The Rose - which was sung at his granddad’s funeral.

And as soon as the nervous wannabe sang the first few notes of the hit, in an unexpectedly strong, deep voice – defying his earlier anxious wobbles - it became clear Christopher has been hiding a very special talent for many years.

“You’re 34, how the hell have you kept that voice hidden until now?,” Gary asked him.

Louis was similarly impressed, telling the 34-year-old: “You stole the show today, nobody else is going to get that reaction.”

Geri and Tulisa were also big fans of Christopher and couldn’t believe that anyone had ever suggested that his voice wasn’t good enough.

Bringing his beloved nan Pat out from backstage, a very emotional Christopher broke down as he realised his dream of performing on The X Factor had finally come true.

And with four very strong yes votes secured, the wannabe star has now secured his place in Bootcamp. Will he manage to overcome those nerves and return even stronger next time? You’ll need to keep watching X Factor in the coming weeks to find out.

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