Celebrity Big Brother: Martin Kemp admits using money as loo roll

Big Brother: Back for the summer.
Martin Kemp's expensive toilet habits.Channel 5

Celebrity Big Brother star Martin Kemp has revealed that he once use £10 notes as toilet paper in a night club.

The Spandau Ballet star admitted his secret during a discussion about toilet habits with his fellow housemates in the Channel 5 show.

He said: “I used a tenner once. That's all I had. It was do or die.

“I was in the middle of a nightclub and there was nothing there but I had a tenner.”

Martin added: “It was more expensive than that because I had to use two.

“I thought it was a bargain. I'd have paid a lot more than that at the time.”

The conversation started after former EastEnders star Cheryl Fergison claimed she could not go to the loo unless their was at least four toilet rolls in the bathroom.

She said: “It depends on your botty size, I suppose.

“How do you do it? Just use one sheet or do you wrap it around your hand because you don't want it going nowhere? I'm a wrap around, I mummify my hand.”

Moving on to types of loo roll, the actress added: “Only white will do. No other colour is good for your Flangelina Jolie.”

Meanwhile, model Rhian Sugden admitted she once used the cardboard loo roll inside after she ran out of paper.

She said: “It only happened once.”

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