Coronation Street video exclusive: Kirsty's explosive return to the street

Tyrone Dobbs has been miserable since his girlfriend Kirsty Soames left him, but her return to the cobbles isn't a happy one after Tommy Duckworth finds out about Kirsty's violence.

As an explosive confrontation goes down between the pair, Tommy and Tyrone's friendship is tested to the limit, and with so much hatred directed at Kirsty, it isn't long before her temper erupts again...

Natalie Gumede, who plays Kirsty, said of the storyline: "It's been so challenging but it's been fantastic to film, and it's something I wasn't sure I'd be able to do but we got there in the end.

"Kirsty is definitely aware of her problems but I don't think she's brave enough to face up to them yet."

Things kick off when Tommy goes in search of Kirsty, unaware of her violent behaviour towards Tyrone. He manages to persuade her to return to the cobbles, but when his girlfriend Tina McIntyre tells him what's been going on, he is furious!

Natalie explained: "When Kirsty makes her return Tina is outraged and goes on to tell Tommy about the Kirsty and Tyrone abuse.

"He confronts Kirsty and there's a big showdown on the street. Filming the confrontation was excruciating. It's what should be Kirsty's just desserts and should be her comeuppance, but she wriggles her way out of it again.

"You can expect a hell of a lot more fights to come between Kirsty, Tina, Tyrone and Tommy. That's guaranteed!"

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