X Factor guest judge Mel B gets her grump on

Simon Cowell was known as Mr Nasty during his X Factor judging days, but guest judge Mel B definitely gave him a run for his money during the Manchester auditions.

The Spice Girls singer had harsh words for some of the hopefuls and certainly lived up to her Scary Spice name with some of her comments, which even left the other judges shocked!

First to face Miss Nasty was 19-year-old Maria from Peterborough, whose version of Christina Aguilera’s Candyman went down like a lead balloon, with Mel telling her: “I am going to give you a big reality check. You should definitely not be singing.

“Find something else to do, it is a waste of time. It’s a definite no from me.”

Next on Mel’s hit list was London girl Lucy, who looked every inch the popstar, but Mel still wasn’t impressed and told the 17-year-old: “You look like a popstar – you don’t sound like one.”

Undeterred by Louis Walsh telling her that she was being a bit harsh and the audience booing her, she didn’t hold back after hearing girl group Tae Blondo’s audition, saying to the devastated trio: “The dance routine was lazy and sloppy and one of you was doing it half heartedly.”

But that was nothing compared to the singer’s comments towards 18-year-old student Matt, who was stunned when she told him that his audition was the worst she had ever heard. Oh dear…

Defending herself, Mel said: “I can’t help it, I really try and contain it but that was just shocking.”

The singer did manage to find some positive words for 16year-old Ella, however, who sang her own song and had half the audience in tears with her beautiful voice.

At least someone managed to impress you eventually Mel!

X Factor continues next Saturday at 8pm on STV and ITV.

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