X Factor hopeful Zoe swears she should have gone through

The X Factor judges were in for a shock when they got on the wrong side of 22-year-old Zoe during her audition.

The Welsh singer, who works as a Pink impersonator, failed to impress with her lacklustre performance, and rather than leave the stage graciously, she had a tantrum and started swearing at the judges, leaving them open-mouthed in disbelief.

Zoe told the judges that she wanted an identity of her own away from being a Pink impersonator, so when she initially chose to sing Pink song So What, the judges were left confused, with Tulisa Contostavlos telling her: “You came out saying you wanted to find your own identity, so it’s very confusing for me because I did feel like I was watching a Pink tribute act.”

The singer was given the chance to redeem herself with a second song, but her rendition of Emeli Sande’s Next to Me still failed to impress, however, with Gary Barlow telling her: “I’m confused with the identity issue, coming out saying you wanted an identity and then you sang Pink.

“I though that the second song was much better but I do think you need to go away really find your own lane and find what’s right for your voice, because at the moment it just sounds like every other average singing voice.”

With similar comments from new judge Nicole Scherzinger, the feisty singer got four no votes, but she was not happy at all and got into an argument with the judges about her song choices, angrily telling them: "I wanted to be me and you guys told me to sing a Pink song."

Her attitude led to some harsh comments from Louis Walsh, who told her: “Zoe, it was your audition and you messed up, I’m sorry.”

Flying into a tantrum, Zoe threw her microphone onto the stage in a temper and stormed off, leaving the judges a bit bemused.

It wasn’t long before she was back though, and the judges’ bemusement turned to shock when the singer started screaming abuse at them.

With the crowd booing, Zoe continued to hurl a torrent of abuse at the stunned judges like a woman possessed, and it didn’t end there – storming off the stage for a second time, she lashed out at a cameraman, leaving Gary furious.

Louis was incredulous and said: “I tried to help her!” while Nicole only had one word for Zoe’s behaviour: “Inappropriate!”

Looks like you’ve blown your chance for next year, Zoe!


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