Britain’s Got Talent semi-finalists line-up revealed

Simon Cowell, Piers Morgan and Amanda Holden had the unenviable task of picking just 40 semi-finalists from the thousands of hopefuls who auditioned for this year’s Britain’s Got Talent. With the first live semi-final kicking off tomorrow night, let’s take a look at the 40 acts and see if your favourite has made the cut...

Kevin Cruise

NAME: Martin Cobble
AGE: 33
FROM: London
TALENT: Camp variety entertainer and chief host on the Fishy Rose, a 5,000 passenger, 2,000 crew floating Entertainment luxury liner
Martin has always wanted to be a performer .When he was 22 he moved to London to pursue a career as an actor, he took a musical theatre course and started auditioning for the West End. He was getting rejection after rejection so decided to start working on cruise ships. He performed as a singer on the cruise ships for 2 years. He then decided he wanted to give stand-up a go so took a 3 month stand-up course last year and started performing at open mic nights. At first Martin didn’t enjoy performing stand-up as himself so decided to create a character who he named ‘Kevin Cruise.’

Tobias Mead

AGE: 22
FROM: London/ Wiltshire
TALENT: Dancer
Tobias has been dancing for the past 5 years. Growing up he was a strong footballer and it wasn’t until he auditioned for the school production of ‘West Side Story’ for a joke at 16 that he ever had a brush with performing. Tobias is now a full time dancer, trained in ballet, tap, jazz, modern and acrobatics at the Stella Mann College.     

Maxxie Oliver

AGE: 21
FROM: London
JOB: Sales Assistant, fashion
TALENT: Lady Gaga Impersonator
Maxxie is a Lady Gaga impersonator, he sings and dances and when Maxxie dresses up as Lady Gaga he feels beautiful, just like the pop and fashion princess herself.  

Michael Fayombo Junior and Senior

AGE: 14 and 38
FROM: Feltham, Hounslow
TALENT: Dance Duo/ Impersonators
Michael Senior first started performing 18 years ago because of his love of Michael Jackson, he then in turn got his son Michael Junior involved. They have been performing together since Michael Junior was 5 years of age at weddings and parties.

Phillip Grimmer

AGE: 56
FROM: Ilford, London
TALENT: Female Impersonator
Phillip started doing female impersonations in 2004 when his wife (Silvia) wanted him to be able to dance.  As he “has two left feet” he started to watch Kylie videos and copied her moves in order to impress his wife.  

Twist & Pulse

NAMES:  Glen Murphy (Pulse) & Ashley Glazebrooke (Twist)   
AGE: 19 (Glen) & 18 (Ashley)
FROM: Catford (Glen) & Belvedere (Ashley) in London
TALENT: Dance Duo
Ashley and Glen are best mates and have known each other for 2 years.  Ashley started dancing 6 years ago and Glen started 5 years ago.

Team Shaolin

MEMBERS: X 10 Matthew Metin Ahmet (21), Glenn Lillie (17), Jacob Davis (15), Sohail Badat (30), Iyanu Ogjunobi (12), Oni Ogjunobi (9), Jake Chisnell (9), Wiktor Glowacz  (8), Adrian Glowacz (16), Lucas Crystal Campos (11)         
FROM: London
TALENT: Martial Arts Group
Team Shaolin are a 10 strong team who perform the martial art form ‘Shaolin’, which is an ancient 1500yr old form of Kung-fu involving channelled Buddhism (Zen).  Buddhist monks practise it and are the ultimate masters of this form of Kung-fu.  All members have shaved heads which represent the philosophy of the art form; the hair is seen as a cover which stops energy being let out.  Moves in their routine consist of breaking iron bars (achieved through breathing and meditation), 2 finger handstands and many more.     

Dance Flavourz

MEMBERS: Francis Alejandro Cardoso (37), Yvonne Cardoso (37), Chevone Jones (24), Gemima Bloom (24), Rosa Perez (27), Gladis Cardoso (37), Eva Controle (22), French Bianca Olin (24), Catherine Peter (26), Sindy Belluccy French (22), Julia Bysse (29) and Stephanie S (25)
FROM: They come from all over the world – Spain, Brazil, Portugal, France and Britain but are based in London
TALENT: Brazilian Dancers
Dance Flavourz consists of 12 Brazilian Samba dancers, 11 females and 1 male. Francis the male dancer and spokesperson for the group trained as a dancer in Portugal when he was 14.

Alesia Vazmitsel

AGE: 30
FROM: Orginally from Belarus but now lives in London
TALENT: Pole Dancing
Alesia has been performing for 10 years and started as a theatre dancer. She started pole dancing 3 years ago when it became fashionable and wanted to do more than just spin around a pole, so she incorporated spins and splits to show off her athleticism and she is also a gymnast.

Josh Berry

AGE: 16
FROM: London
TALENT: Singer
Josh has been singing and dancing since he was 7. He used to perform in local shows and started having singing lessons when he was 10. Josh’s singing teacher got him to audition for The West End’s Lion King when he was 12. He didn’t get selected at first but got a call back for 2 more auditions and eventually got chosen to play the part of young Simba and played the part for over a year.

MEMBERS: Rakesh Asiyani (30), Manpreet Bassi (30), Saajan Raja (18),
Deip Patel (28), Sunny Sharma (26), Shabeer Booly (27), Emiko Ishii (24),
Krupa Chavda (21), Ameela Patel (26), Roshni Divani (25), Meena Seda (24), Hinal Shah (27), Sonal Chakravarti (23), Mala Pinduria (27), Shilpa Rajani (29), Gabriela Radeva (21)
FROM: London
Threebee are a Bollywood dance company from London that were set up almost 6 years ago by director & choreographer Shweta Aggarwal. Shweta is a self taught dancer who was born in India, raised in Japan and moved to London in 2000 when she got married.


MEMBERS: Lauren Vine (10)
Caitlin South (9), Janahi Anderson (11), Mallacai Anderson (13), Eleanor Waters (7), Maisie Waters (10), Ellie Cruse (10), Chloe Cruse (8), Elise Walker (8), Bryony French (10), Jordan Marshall (10), Katie Ewen (14), Amy Watson (15), Melissa Wood (13), Leah Bauckham (13), Rosie Bolton (14), Alli Tulppo (14), Siani Finan (12), Ashleigh Walllis (15), Maisie Lukes (14), Abbie Boyd (13), Sophie James (11), Alex Herridge (16), Kelly Warner (16), Georgia Green (16), Victoria DeWaal (16), Hannah Barker (21), Kirsty Samwell (22), Nikita Mahon (17), Samantha Kirchin (23), Samantha Robinson (23), Hayley Morris (17), Amelia Gooch (18), Natalie James (18)
FROM: London
TALENT: Dancers
Taboo are made up of 3 groups from the Grove School of Dance in Kent. The groups involved are: Damage (the U12s), Remix (11-15) and Taboo (16+). The team is coached by Kirsten Wheel who is an ex-professional dancer and now full time teacher & choreographer.


NAMES: Marcus Donaldson 30, Jamelle Maynard 26, Shona Louise Bagnall 16, Rachel Maame Efua Gorton 19, Bahar Ali 22, Terrell Works 28, Lolade Babatola 17, Emmanuel Bamigbola 17, Joshua Bamigbola 10, Jeffrey Okyere 18, Tashana Williams 17, Stephan Benson 17
FROM: London
TALENT: Singing Dance Troupe
BACKGROUND: Myztikal are a group of 12 aged between 10 and 30. Marcus first formed the group 7 years ago and the line up has changed over the years but the groups love and passion for dance has remained.


NAEMS: Eugene Drummond 27, Dwain Allain 23, Benji Shogbolu 21, Anton Streeks - Henry 23, Simon Lee 23, Nicholas Stephen 23, Daniel Brown 25, Harryson Parkes 23, Daryll Robinson 23
FROM: London
TALENT: Street Dance Troupe
BACKGROUND: Peridot are a street dance troupe of 9 boys. The troupe has been together for the last 4 years and was initially set up by Eugene who wanted to start up his own dance troupe.

Chloe Hickinbottom

AGE: 10
FROM: Birmingham
Chloe has been singing since she was a little girl.  Chloe used to sing in the bedroom and Andrew (her dad) thought it was the TV, and that’s one of the early times they discovered Chloe’s secret voice.

Jimmy Ford

AGE: 75
FROM: Birmingham
TALENT: Leprecorn
Jimmy started Irish dancing when he was 55, he says he is obsessed with Irish music and can’t stop jigging to it. He has never had a lesson in his life and decided to teach himself Irish dancing in his old age to keep him fit. Jimmy practises his Irish dancing every night in his flat and says he never gets fed up of it - he is a true Irish man through and through.

Tina & Chandi

AGE: Chandi (the dog) is 12 and Tina is 37
FROM: Shrewsbury, Shropshire
TALENT: Tina and her dancing dog, Chandi
Tina always wanted a Blue Merle Border Collie and just over 11 years ago she met Chandi who was dumped at Telford dog pound aged 4 months. As soon as Tina got Chandi home she started teaching her tricks, and when she was 9 months they entered their first competition together. Currently Chandi is Crufts champion for freestyle, international freestyle and heel work to music.

Kieran Gaffney

AGE: 13
FROM: Kent
TALENT: Drummer
Kieran performed on the show last year, narrowly missing out on a semi-final place. Kieran started playing the drums 18 months ago when his dad bought him an electrical drum kit.

Stevie Starr – The Regurgitator

AGE: 47
FROM: Glasgow
TALENT: Regurgitating
Stevie realised that he had a unique talent when he was put in an orphanage at the age of 4. He would swallow his money but realised that he could bring the coins back up. It was then that he started to swallow various items to see if he could regurgitate them. He won his first talent show in 1982 and was noticed by the manager of Scottish band Marmalade. He then started working as the opening act for the band. In 1986 he decided to move down to London to get more gigs. It was then that Stevie realised that he needed to develop his act and add more comedy to his routine.

Janey Cutler

AGE: 81
FROM: Wishaw,Scotland
TALENT: Singer
Janey started singing when she was 6 in the Salvation Army. However, since then she did not sing again until she was 50 when a friend made her get up in a local pub and sing. Janey hasn’t stopped singing since and has been singing in local pubs, clubs and village halls for the past 30 years

Tyler Patterson

AGE: 9
FROM: Glasgow
TALENT: Street Dancer
Tyler Patterson is a 9 year old freestyle dancer who was born is Glasgow. He has been dancing for a year and a half taught himself different moves which he learnt from MTV videos. He does lots of performances and really loves being centre of attention.

The Fusion

MEMBERS: Pierce Meehan (21), Jodie Halford (17), Amy Mcinally (17), Rebecca Donnelly (17), April Stewart-Mccrae (16), Leanne Appleby (17), Lorna Munn (22), Stacey Haswell (19), Stacey Ingram (30), Mhairi Young (18), Dannika Channer (15), Jaimie Mccrae (16), Rachel Donnelly (16), Kenneth Martin (15), Ross Mathers (22)
FROM: Glasgow
TALENT: Dancers
The Fusion dance group is made up of 15 members and all the members are from Dancepoint Dance School which was set up by Robert Hamilton 8 years ago. Robert began the dance school after he played the role of Mr Mistoffelees in Cats in the West End and wanted to give children the opportunity to learn how to dance and perform musical theatre. Fusion have only been dancing together as a group for 6 months after Robert put them together especially for Britain’s Got Talent.

The Arrangement

MEMBERS (x 8, all 18 yrs old): Jono (singer), Tom (keyboard), Nathan (bass guitar), Joe (drums), Ellie (cello), Hannah, Amy and Lara (all play violin)
FROM: Cambridge
TALENT: Musicians - classical take on modern music.
The group all met at 6th form college last year and have only been a group since September 2009.  It all started in a music lesson when Tom played Dizzee Rascal on the piano and Jono joined in with his operatic take on ‘Dance Wiv Me’.  


MEMBERS: 13 members, Adam McAssey 20, Adam Buckingham 21, Alex Uttley 24, Jonathan Stranks 15, Douglas Fordyce 19, Edward Upcott 18, Nicholas Illingworth 24, Katie Axten 17, Leighanne Cowler 18, Lauren Kemp 17, Hollianne Wood 13, Abigail Ralph 15, Amy Mackenzie 12
FROM: Ashford, Middlesex
TALENT: Acrobatic gymnastics
Spelbound are a mixed group of acrobatic gymnastics and most of the members have been training since the age of 4.

Christopher Stone

AGE:  28
FROM: North Rigton, Yorkshire
JOB: Accountant
TALENT: Singer
When he was 15 he sang a solo for a Les Miserables medley in his school choir, when someone said he had a good voice so he started having lessons. He went to Cheetams Music School when he was 16 and his singing took off.   His dream never happened and he’s career went down a different route and he became an accountant.


Paige Goddard (14), Shannen Windle (14), Alisha Humpries (13), Hannah Durham (14), Faye McDool (16), Emily Taylor (16), Molly Davidson (12), Katrina Barnes (18), Kirk Alexander (18), Jemma Hopson (14), Laura Powney (16), Ellie Cliff (12), Robyn Stainrod (14), Keith Marshall (16)
FROM: Rotherham, South Yorkshire    
TALENT: Street Dancers
Ice are a 14 strong street dance group from Rotherham in South Yorkshire and they have been together for 2 years.


MEMBERS: Conor 13 and Miles 13 (twins), Harry 13 and Max 15 (brothers) and  Matt 12
FROM: Manchester
TALENT: Boyband
Connected are a boy band and the group have been together for the last 5 months, and all met at Max and Harry’s mum’s performance school. All the boys started singing from a very early age and say it’s their passion and desire to sing. Miles came up with the name connection after he thought it was the best way to describe the group’s dynamics.

Liam McNally

AGE: 14
FROM: New Moston, Manchester
TALENT: Singer
Liam started singing when he was 10 after he auditioned for a school play and was encouraged by his music teacher (Lindsey) to take up singing lessons. Lindsey saw his potential to be a great classical singer and Liam now has weekly singing lessons with Lindsey.

Olivia Archbold

AGE: 14
FROM: Newton-le-willows, St Helens
TALENT: Singer
Olivia has been singing since she was 7 years old. She started singing when a teacher at her dance school got everyone to sing and dance, it was then that she and everyone else discovered she has a good voice.  After school Olivia wants to go down the musical route, she would love to attend a performing arts school and be a solo musician/singer.     

Emile Harris

AGE: 17
FROM: Chepstow, Wales
TALENT: Singer and guitar player
Emile has been playing the guitar since he was 12 and was taught by his father who was a musician. He is a music college student and really wants to get out there and show people what he is made of. He has been performing locally for the last year and also writes his own songs.


AGE: 8 – 13 years (24 members)
FROM: Barry, Wales
TALENT: Dancers
Starburst are a dance group and the group consists of 24 girls. They have been together for 6 months although the girls have all been dancing for various lengths of time.

Sean Sheehan

AGE: 66
FROM: Anglesey, Wales
TALENT: Impersonator/ Wood chopper
Over the years Sean has played extra roles and 8 years ago set-up a workshop to teach inspiring actors the skills needed to be a good extra. In 2006 Sean signed up with a lookalike agency in London as an impersonator for Sean Connery. Sean decided to incorporate impersonating, singing and kindling into his act.  


NAMES: Arnold (19), Anthony (15) and Amukhelani Matsena (13)
FROM: Swansea, Wales
TALENT: Dance trio
Arnold, Anthony and Amukhelani are brothers and have been dancing together for the last 2 years. Arnold started dancing when he was 2, Anthony has been dancing seriously for 3 years and Amukhelani has been dancing seriously for the last 6 months. When they were younger Arnold used to teach his younger brothers all of his moves which has meant they have picked up dancing very quickly.

Paul Burling

AGE: 41
FROM: Bristol
TALENT: Impersonator
Paul started to do impressions when he was at primary school and it has now become his professional career. From a young age he often made characters up and always copied voices perfectly.  

Kev Orkian

AGE: 36
FROM: Essex
TALENT: Singer/Pianist
Kev first started playing the piano at the age of 4 and by 15 he had reached grade 8 piano. He is now a full time comedy pianist and performs all over the world with his act in galas, corporate functions as well as platinum cruises. Kev is of Armenian decent and he uses this as inspiration for his comedy.

Father & Son

NAMES: Graham (dad) & James (son)
AGE: 53 & 26
FROM: Bolton
TALENT: Singers
Graham learnt to sing at the Royal Northern College of Music and James studied performing Arts at Manchester Met. Graham and James have never really performed together before - only at family parties. They enjoy writing and performing comedy sketches and singing musical numbers

Mark James

AGE: 30
FROM: Barnoldswick,  Lancashire
TALENT: Operatic duet with himself
Mark sings a romantic duet with himself. Half of him is the male character and the other half is the female character of the song.

Neil Fullard

AGE: 43
FROM: Wednesbury, West Midlands
JOB: Doorman
TALENT: Singer
Neil has always sung in the house, shower and whilst driving but is now ready to perform to a much bigger crowd and impress his fellow Doormen at the same time.

The Ruby Girls

NAMES: Rai Quartley 22, Kerri De Aguiar 24, Bethany Harrison 19, Tara Young 21, Bayley Darling 23, Louise Davies 24, Vicky Tansey 22
FROM: South East London
TALENT:  Dance Group
BACKGROUND: The Ruby Girls are a collection of trained dancers from London. They have been together for 2 and a half years and they decided that they would put the group together because they are all passionate about dancing. The group developed through word of mouth and soon the girls started to get a select group of dancers who were really dedicated to performing.

The Chippendoubles

NAMES: David Beckham (Andy 30), Mr T (John 29), Daniel Craig (Steve 41),  Simon Cowell (Andy Monk 50), Will Smith (Shad 32), Ricky Gervais (Tim 43), Gordon Ramsey (Martin 38)
FROM: Various locations
TALENT: Celeb lookalike troupe
BACKGROUND: The Chippendoubles are a lookalike group formed especially for Britain’s Got Talent. It was Andy Harmer (David Beckham), that decided to put the group together and he approached the others.

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