Britain’s Got Talent’s Janey Cutler reveals soft spot for Simon Cowell

There must be something special in the water in Scotland as the Glasgow Britain’s Got Talent auditions have unveiled another unlikely star.

Following on from Susan Boyle last year, 81 year old singer Janey Cutler wowed the judges, audience and viewers with her stunning rendition on Edith Piaf's No Regrets.

Since the show was aired on Saturday night, great granny Janey has become a YouTube sensation with American TV networks reportedly clambering to get her to appear on their shows.

Now, the remarkable little lady has revealed how she is coping with her new found fame and the little soft spot she has for a certain Mr Cowell.

Janey said: “I like the judges, that Simon Cowell is a nice man.” The feeling was certainly mutual when Janey shocked the judges with her powerful voice.

Although Mrs Cutler had never performed in front of such a large audience before, she wasn’t put off by the crowd.

Janey revealed: “I thought I’d done o.k, you can never be too sure though, I love singing – that’s me (laughs)."


The bubbly lady added: “I sing in a Service Man’s Club every week, it’s just down the road and anyone who can sing just gets up on stage, I really enjoy it.  It’s a great friendly place, folk can have a good time, I enjoy being there.”

Anyone would be forgiven for being nervous about singing in front of thousands of people but Janey seemed unaffected by the daunting task.

She said: “me nervous? Nah….”

So, she’s through to the next round and is quickly becoming one of the favourites to scoop the Britain’s Got Talent title, but what would the humble pensioner do with the cash if she won?

Janey revealed: “If I won? That’s not something I’ve even thought about, I’m just happy to be doing something I enjoy in singing.  Any money would go towards animals and kiddies who I adore, why have money sat in the bank when it can help people.  I would look after my family and the grandchildren.”

Janey is being dubbed Nu-Bo – the new Su-Bo and is being hotly tipped to follow in the footsteps of last year’s BGT runner up, Susan Boyle. Susan’s public meltdown moments have highlighted the downside of sudden fame but although it’s early days, Janey seems to be taking it in her stride.

She explained: “I couldn’t believe it, the newspaper photographers caught me walking the dog in the park twice – I didn’t know the pictures were taken so I didn’t look my best (laughs), I’ll be waiting for them next time.”
Janey is certainly living the dream at the moment but what does the future hold for the new found star?

Janey told us: “I’m just happy to keep on enjoying myself and be happy – my family, singing and my dog make me happy. I love walking me dog, I enjoy singing and seeing the grandkiddies of course. I’ve got a new great grandson who has just turned 1yrs old and he’s adorable, really funny, a true comic in the making.”

Janey just seems content to perform and we have our fingers crossed that the glamorous granny will make it into the live finals of the show. Much like Susan Boyle last year, Janey Cutler is emerging as an inspirational story of hope and proof that you’re never too old to dream a dream.

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