David Cameron on love, loss and politics

David Cameron let his guard down during an emotional interview with STV and opened up about the trauma felt following the death of his six-year-old son.

Speaking to Stephen Jardine and Michelle McManus, the leader of the Conservative Party spoke about how his son Ivan’s death, who suffered from cerebral palsy and epilepsy, shook him to the core.

Clearly moved by the subject, Cameron said: “It’s an incredibly difficult thing when you lose a child.

“Everybody has to decide what they do in terms of answering questions and how much they open up their lives.”

“It’s something that just hits you in an incredible way and it takes quite a long time before you can even start to put things on track.

“Then afterwards you do find things do get better, but it’s not a straight line, you have good days and bad days, and that’s the way that it goes.

He continued: “I took some time off, probably not enough actually – I should have probably taken a bit longer, and just stopped to think about everything.”

Despite dealing with his loss, Cameron said he never considered giving up politics: “I really believe in what I am doing and Samantha is very supporting.

“I have got a very good deputy in William Hague, he just cracks on with it, and when I felt ready to get back into it I did and people have been very understanding ever since.

“I took the view this is what I want to do, this is what I believe in, family is incredibly important but I do believe you can do both.”

Cameron admitted that politics can often interfere with his personal life: “There have been times when birthdays and other days haven’t been remembered when they should have been.

“One year we both forgot our wedding anniversary – we only realised when someone sent some flowers which only arrived in the evening!”

But with Valentine’s Day approaching, the Tory Leader has no excuse to forget the date: “Valentine's Day is also my son’s birthday so if I forgot I would be double toast – it would be a Glasgow kiss rather than any other sort of kiss I’d be getting”

“There is a danger in politics that you get completed fried and frazzled and then you make bad decisions.

“You do need in politics I think some time out where you can remember who you are, have family time and have some kind of equilibrium.”

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