Who was really the greatest Scot?

Who would you say was the greatest Scot, really? Do you go for a warrior and freedom fighter such as Robert the Bruce or William Wallace? Or one of the great thinkers of the Enlightenment whose ideas are still shaping the modern world such as Adam Smith or David Hume?

Or what of the great engineers, men like James Watt and Alexander Graham Bell. And then there are the medical pioneers such as Alexander Fleming or Marie Stopes? And we haven't even mentioned Robert Burns or Robert Louis Stevenson.

The list is a long one and the arguments passionate and enthralling. Now STV, in the Year of Homecoming 2009, is giving today's Scots the world over the chance to decide once and for all.

In a landmark new series, a panel  of experts including historians, politicians, business men and women, and cultural and religious leaders have selected a short list of 30 names.

Included are leaders and thinkers such as Robert the Bruce and David Hume, scientists and engineers such as Sir William Arroll, and Sir Alexander Fleming, sportsmen such as Jock Stein and Eric Liddell, and artists such as Charles Rennie Mackintosh and Robert Burns. The full list is available here.


Some contemporary Scots are included such as Sir Chris Hoy and Anne Gloag. But others are notable for their omission – no Sir Sean Connery, no Kenny Dalglish, no Evelyn Glennie or Andy Murray.


Now STV, in partnership with The Daily Record and Sunday Mail, is offering Scots the chance to take issue with the panel and nominate their own Greatest Scot. The five names nominated most often over the next fortnight will be the People's Champions, and will be added to the original 30

These in turn will be introduced and championed over a week of programmes before the public is invited to vote on them. The result will be announced live on STV on St Andrew's night, November 30, later this year.

So let's settle this once and for all - or for a generation anyway. Tell us what you think on this page, or

use our nomination form here.

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