Nancy Hayton's love triangle

'Hollyoaks' Nancy Hayton is to discover she is involved in a bisexual love triangle.

Jessica Fox, who plays Nancy in the Channel 4 soap, has revealed the complex situation between Nancy, boyfriend Ravi Roy and Kris Fisher is about to unfold with dramatic results.

Jessica said: "Nancy decides to re-evaluate her relationship with Ravi, and eventually realises that Kris is the man she wants to be with. So she goes to the Loft to see Ravi and break up with him. Well, that's her plan anyway - until she finds him and Kris cavorting topless together on the desk in Warren's office! Nancy just bolts out of the door and both the boys follow her."

Nancy and Ravi have both been meeting with bisexual cross-dresser Kris during a series of secret romantic trysts and the redheaded beauty is on her way to end things with Ravi once and for all when she discovers the men in a compromising position.

This comes just days after radio DJ Kris (Gerard McCarthy) admits he has fallen in love with trainee teacher Nancy, and says he wants them to become an item.

She explains: "Kris has fallen for Nancy, and it's him who ends up most hurt. When Kris tells Nancy how strongly he feels for her, it takes her by surprise. To begin with, this was all a bit of fun for Kris, but it seems he's met his intellectual match in Nancy."

Despite the complicated love scenario, Jessica says that Ravi (Stephan Uppal) believes he knows the perfect way for all three characters to be content.

She quipped: "Ravi suggests they should have a full three-way relationship. Nancy has always been a non-conformist but I think she may be out of her depth here."

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