Ricky Gervais wants Hollywood to remember the elderly

Ricky Gervais wants Hollywood to remember the elderly

Ricky Gervais has said Hollywood stars should speak out for the elderly.

The comedian's new sitcom sees him starring as the titular 'Derek', a worker in an elderly care home, but he claims it's not the show's intention to joke about the homes nor the people in them.

Instead, he thinks they're a misrepresented part of society who get ignored by the public, which he thinks is part of a wider problem of being scared of growing old.

Speaking to The Observer newspaper, Ricky said: ''No one cares. There are no Hollywood stars speaking out for the elderly. They're forgotten, bewildered, and I don't think it's because people are cruel or don't care.

''It's because you don't want to think about your own mortality. I think people don't talk about it enough. There's a strange arrogance.

''Sometimes being old is used as an insult, which is bizarre because, if you're lucky, that's literally going to happen to you. It's a strange thing to gloat about: being born recently.''

These feelings are reflected in his writing of the show, which is meant to be more dramatic and sincere than other sitcoms.

He explained: ''I've left behind the veil of irony. This is more sincere. The characters are exactly what you think they are, which makes it more dramatic because it's a show about kindness ... I've made the home the sweetest, nicest place to be because I didn't want it to be a political swipe.''

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