Peter Andre gushes about new Mysterious Girl

Peter Andre has been pouring his heart out about the lovely lady he was photographed stepping out with last week, and bad news ladies, it looks like our Pete is in lurve.

The handsome singer was pictured looking pleased as punch as he headed out on a date with 23-year-old medical student Emily MacDonagh – and who could blame him – she has brains as well as beauty!

Writing in his new! magazine column this week, he said: "Emily's a beautiful girl, we've been on a few dates, but we're continuing to get to know each other."

When shots of the couple hit the headlines, everyone presumed Pete was taking his Mysterious Girl to the premiere of Magic Mike (which we’re sure she would have enjoyed), but he has cleared up those reports, telling fans: "Everyone assumed I'd taken her to the Magic Mike premiere, which was nearby, but we didn't go to that.

"We just happened to be in the area as I was staying at the May Fair hotel while I was shooting my new TV show, Peter Andre's Bad Boyfriend Club.

"We had dinner at a beautiful Thai restaurant just across from the hotel, so when all these paps suddenly appeared we were like, 'whoa!'"

As jealous as we would be, we would love to see Pete settle down with a lovely young lady as he really is a charming chap.

Let’s hope Emily doesn’t have to send him to the Bad Boyfriend Club

Peter explained all about his new show when he was in Hamilton earlier this year, promoting the Save Your Skin campaign.

He told STV’s Gillian Harvey: “A lot of people initially thought it means I’m going to give people advice on how to be in their relationships, but that’s not true. First of all I’m not in a relationship, so I can’t give the advice. What I am is a shoulder to cry on - and I feel sorry for these guys going for this.” Note, this was before Emily appeared on the scene!

Pete continued: “They have to go through a number of tests throughout the show, and be judged by other people, not me. One of the judges is their girlfriend.

“They might be out on a dinner with someone else and they’ll electric shock them, for example if they don’t pull the seat out, or if they don’t pour the drink for the lady. It’s going to be hilarious and the guys are up for it.”

The main aim of the game is for girlfriends to point out what their men are doing wrong in their relationship, and help teach them the errors of the way.

The reality TV star added: “The girlfriends are sitting in the back and they’re going to study what they’re [the boyfriends] doing right and wrong and give them electric shocks. So by the time through get to the end of the show and take their girlfriend out on a proper date they’re going to know how to treat a lady, and hopefully be out of the Bad Boyfriend Club.”


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