Justin Bieber captured on camera slamming fans for their “disrespect”

Not happy: Justin Bieber slammed fans for hounding him in an airport
Not happy: Justin Bieber slammed fans for hounding him in an airport©Rex Features

Justin Bieber is hounded by eager fans wherever he goes and it seems the teen star finally snapped, after hitting out at fans for “disrespecting” his privacy and space.

The Canadian singer was recently caught on camera by Splash News in a Canadian airport, showing the teen becoming irate with fans who were trying to interact with him.

Biebs, 18, appeared to think the crowds were being “disrespectful” and openly slammed them for following his every move.

“Do I not have any right[s] as a human being?,” he asked them.

"Why do you have to be so impatient? I've been here waiting for my girlfriend... “

Biebs then added: “You're not being very respectful. I feel very disrespected. If you're really my fans, why are you doing this?"

When one fan explains that the crowds have been waiting in the hope of speaking to the star, Justin replies: "I've had a long day too….

“I don’t have to be nice about it, you guys are up in my face.”

Justin has frequently spoken of the lengths some fans go to in a bid to get close to him. He recently urged over-excited fans in Norway to calm down after police threatened to pull the plug on the gig.

Crowds rushed towards the star after spotting him in the street. The scenes that followed become so scary that police were considering cancelling the free concert he planned to perform in Oslo for safety reasons.

Bieber isn’t the only star to speak out about fans following his every move. In 2009, Twilight star Robert Pattinson revealed that he narrowly missed being knocked down by a taxi after over-excited fans followed him.

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