Harry Styles gets knock-back from female journalist

Another day, another older woman catches Harry Styles eye.

The lucky lady this time? Reporter Ellie Halliwell.

The 25-year-old journalist was interviewing One Direction for the Sunday Telegraph in Sydney Australia and apparently Harry was quite taken with Ms Halliwell.

In her article she wrote: “I did notice during my Wednesday interview with the band that Styles was staring at me, but I was surprised and flattered when a member of the publicity team rang me to ask if Harry could have my number.”

Sadly, Ellie had to break wee Harry’s heart, as she continued: “I turned down Harry Styles, not because I didn’t like the 18-year-old singer, but because I’m 25 and engaged to be married.

“I don’t know whether Harry had noticed the diamond ring on my finger and chosen to ignore it or whether - and this is more likely - he’s an 18-year-old boy who’s not highly attuned to things like that.

“Anyway, even if I were interested in a date with the latest pop sensation, my evening was already fixed with a strictly unchangeable appointment - to try on wedding gowns.”

Not that Harry seems to be put off by the odd knock-back or two.

According to reports, he’s also recently been turned down by former Bachelorette star Jillian Harris, 32, and Kim Kardashian wasn’t quick to pick up the phone when he asked her to call.

Don’t worry Mr Styles: judging by the reaction Harry and the 1D lads received when they performed at last night’s 54th Annual TV Logie Awards in Melbourne, we doubt he’ll have any problem finding the One.


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